Nantes Atlantique Airport (NTE)

Nantes, France

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Latitude: 47.1532
Longitude -1.61073
Elevation: 90 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from NTE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 1010easyJet(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:55 PM(BSL) Basel, Switzerland/Mulhouse
U2 1676easyJet(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:55 PM(NCE) Nice
U2 1366easyJet(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:50 PM(GVA) Geneva
VOE 2266Volotea(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:35 PM(TLS) Toulouse
I2 3699Iberia Express(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:30 PM(MAD) Madrid
VOE 2122Volotea(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport8:20 PM(SXB) Strasbourg
AF 4380Air France(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:50 PM(LIL) Lille
HOP 3076HOP!(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:50 PM(LIL) Lille
AF 5607Air France(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:10 PM(TLS) Toulouse
HOP 3036HOP!(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:10 PM(TLS) Toulouse
VOE 2124Volotea(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:10 PM(MPL) Montpellier
AF 7004Air France(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:10 PM(MRS) Marseille
HOP 3086HOP!(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:10 PM(MRS) Marseille
VOE 2230Volotea(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport7:00 PM(VLC) Valencia
AF 5601Air France(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport6:50 PM(SXB) Strasbourg

Last added routes from NTE

Route Origin Destination
NTE-ESB(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(ESB) Esenbo─ča International AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Ankara, TR (ESB)
NTE-HAM(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(HAM) Hamburg AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Hamburg, DE (HAM)
NTE-EDI(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(EDI) Edinburgh AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
NTE-RNS(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(RNS) Rennes-Saint-Jacques AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Rennes/Saint-Jacques, FR (RNS)
NTE-FRA(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(FRA) Frankfurt am Main AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (FRA)
NTE-MLA(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(MLA) Malta International AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Valletta, MT (MLA)
NTE-DOL(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(DOL) Deauville-Saint-Gatien AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Deauville, FR (DOL)
NTE-JTR(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(JTR) Santorini AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Santorini Island, GR (JTR)
NTE-JMK(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(JMK) Mikonos AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Mykonos Island, GR (JMK)
NTE-CAG(NTE) Nantes Atlantique Airport(CAG) Cagliari Elmas AirportNantes, FR (NTE) to Cagliari, IT (CAG)

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