Nelson Airport (NSN)

Nelson, New Zealand

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Latitude: -41.2983
Longitude 173.221
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from NSN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
QF 8559Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport2:30 PM(CHC) Christchurch
NZ 8851Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport2:30 PM(CHC) Christchurch
NZ 8314Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport1:55 PM(WLG) Wellington
QF 5374Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport1:15 PM(AKL) Auckland
LA 5695LATAM Airlines(NSN) Nelson Airport1:15 PM(AKL) Auckland
EK 7463Emirates(NSN) Nelson Airport1:15 PM(AKL) Auckland
JQ 374Jetstar(NSN) Nelson Airport1:15 PM(AKL) Auckland
QF 8557Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport12:50 PM(CHC) Christchurch
NZ 8847Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport12:50 PM(CHC) Christchurch
QF 8477Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport12:20 PM(AKL) Auckland
NZ 5070Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport12:20 PM(AKL) Auckland
QF 8602Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport12:15 PM(WLG) Wellington
NZ 8310Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport12:15 PM(WLG) Wellington
QF 8476Qantas(NSN) Nelson Airport8:50 AM(AKL) Auckland
NZ 5060Air New Zealand(NSN) Nelson Airport8:50 AM(AKL) Auckland

Last added routes from NSN

Route Origin Destination
NSN-TIU(NSN) Nelson Airport(TIU) Timaru AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to TIU
NSN-MEL(NSN) Nelson Airport(MEL) Melbourne International AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Melbourne, AU (MEL)
NSN-CBR(NSN) Nelson Airport(CBR) Canberra International AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Canberra, AU (CBR)
NSN-NAN(NSN) Nelson Airport(NAN) Nadi International AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Nadi, FJ (NAN)
NSN-NPE(NSN) Nelson Airport(NPE) Hawke's Bay AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Napier, NZ (NPE)
NSN-TRG(NSN) Nelson Airport(TRG) Tauranga AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Tauranga, NZ (TRG)
NSN-ROT(NSN) Nelson Airport(ROT) Rotorua Regional AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Rotorua, NZ (ROT)
NSN-HLZ(NSN) Nelson Airport(HLZ) Hamilton International AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Hamilton, NZ (HLZ)
NSN-NPL(NSN) Nelson Airport(NPL) New Plymouth AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to New Plymouth, NZ (NPL)
NSN-BHE(NSN) Nelson Airport(BHE) Woodbourne AirportNelson, NZ (NSN) to Blenheim, NZ (BHE)

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