Nanjing Lukou Airport (NKG)

Nanjing, China

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Latitude: 31.742
Longitude 118.862
Elevation: 49 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from NKG

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CA 1084Air China(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport5:55 AM(PEK) Beijing
8Y* 9008China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport4:55 AM(CSX) Changsha
8Y* 9136China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport3:15 AM(CAN) Guangzhou
8Y* 9087China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport2:20 AM(PEK) Beijing
8Y* 9089China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport2:05 AM(SZX) Shenzhen
ZA* 456Sky Angkor(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport1:15 AM(REP) Siem Reap
O3 7061SF Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport1:15 AM(KIX) Osaka
O3 6940SF Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport1:00 AM(SZX) Shenzhen
8Y* 9068China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport12:10 AM(WUH) Wuhan
8Y* 9072China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:55 PM(FOC) Fuzhou
8Y* 9084China Postal Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:55 PM(TNA) Jinan
MU 2798China Eastern Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:40 PM(DLC) Dalian
MU 2786China Eastern Airlines(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:35 PM(ZUH) Zhuhai
FD 2102Thai AirAsia(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:35 PM(DMK) Bangkok
CA 4944Air China(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport11:10 PM(TAO) Qingdao

Last added routes from NKG

Route Origin Destination
NKG-WDS(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(WDS) Shiyan Wudangshan AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Shiyan, CN (WDS)
NKG-ENH(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(ENH) Enshi AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Enshi, CN (ENH)
NKG-PZI(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(PZI) Bao'anying AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Panzhihua, CN (PZI)
NKG-CEB(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(CEB) CebuNanjing, CN (NKG) to CEB
NKG-JNZ(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(JNZ) Jinzhou AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Jinzhou, CN (JNZ)
NKG-LFQ(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(LFQ) Linfen Qiaoli AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Linfen, CN (LFQ)
NKG-HEL(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(HEL) Helsinki Vantaa AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Helsinki, FI (HEL)
NKG-(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport() Total Rf HeliportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Bensalem, US ()
NKG-HZG(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(HZG) Hanzhong Chenggu AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Hanzhong, CN (HZG)
NKG-WMT(NKG) Nanjing Lukou Airport(WMT) Zunyi Maotai AirportNanjing, CN (NKG) to Zunyi, CN (WMT)

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