Nagasaki Airport (NGS)

Nagasaki, Japan

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Latitude: 32.9169
Longitude 129.914
Elevation: 15 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from NGS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
NH 4653ANA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:20 AM(TSJ) Tsushima
OC 53Oriental Air Bridge(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:20 AM(TSJ) Tsushima
NH 1871ANA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:15 AM(OKA) Okinawa
UA 8012United Airlines(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:05 AM(HND) Tokyo
PR 1419Philippine Airlines(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:05 AM(HND) Tokyo
LH 4985Lufthansa(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:05 AM(HND) Tokyo
NH 664ANA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport11:05 AM(HND) Tokyo
AF 8025Air France(NGS) Nagasaki Airport10:20 AM(HND) Tokyo
JL 608JAL(NGS) Nagasaki Airport10:20 AM(HND) Tokyo
NH 4673ANA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport10:15 AM(FUJ) Fukue
OC 73Oriental Air Bridge(NGS) Nagasaki Airport10:15 AM(FUJ) Fukue
OZ 9605Asiana Airlines(NGS) Nagasaki Airport9:45 AM(ICN) Seoul
RS* 721Air Seoul(NGS) Nagasaki Airport9:45 AM(ICN) Seoul
BC 142Skymark Airlines(NGS) Nagasaki Airport9:40 AM(UKB) Kobe
NH 372ANA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport9:40 AM(NGO) Nagoya

Last added routes from NGS

Route Origin Destination
NGS-ICN(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(ICN) Incheon International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Seoul, KR (ICN)
NGS-PVG(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(PVG) Shanghai Pudong International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
NGS-UKB(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(UKB) Kobe AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Kobe, JP (UKB)
NGS-TSJ(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(TSJ) Tsushima AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Tsushima, JP (TSJ)
NGS-OKA(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(OKA) Naha AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Naha, JP (OKA)
NGS-NGO(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(NGO) Chubu Centrair International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Tokoname, JP (NGO)
NGS-KIX(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(KIX) Kansai International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Osaka, JP (KIX)
NGS-ITM(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(ITM) Osaka International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Osaka, JP (ITM)
NGS-IKI(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(IKI) Iki AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Iki, JP (IKI)
NGS-HND(NGS) Nagasaki Airport(HND) Tokyo Haneda International AirportNagasaki, JP (NGS) to Tokyo, JP (HND)

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