Newcastle Airport (NCL)

Newcastle, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 55.0375
Longitude -1.69167
Elevation: 266 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from NCL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
9W 6798Jet Airways (India)(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:45 AM(CDG) Paris
AZ 3589Alitalia(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:45 AM(CDG) Paris
BE 4132Flybe(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:45 AM(CDG) Paris
UU 8059Air Austral(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:45 AM(CDG) Paris
AF 1059Air France(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:45 AM(CDG) Paris
FR 173Ryanair(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:20 AM(DUB) Dublin
FR 5159Ryanair(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:15 AM(AGP) Malaga
BE 7612Flybe(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:15 AM(ABZ) Aberdeen
FR 4080Ryanair(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:00 AM(ALC) Alicante
TOM 724TUI Airways(NCL) Newcastle Airport11:00 AM(MBJ) Montego Bay
BA 8891British Airways(NCL) Newcastle Airport10:45 AM(DUB) Dublin
EY 5164Etihad Airways(NCL) Newcastle Airport10:45 AM(DUB) Dublin
EI 3351Aer Lingus(NCL) Newcastle Airport10:45 AM(DUB) Dublin
JL 7846JAL(NCL) Newcastle Airport9:35 AM(LHR) London
AA 6650American Airlines(NCL) Newcastle Airport9:35 AM(LHR) London

Last added routes from NCL

Route Origin Destination
NCL-LCY(NCL) Newcastle Airport(LCY) London City AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to London, GB (LCY)
NCL-VIE(NCL) Newcastle Airport(VIE) Vienna International AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Vienna, AT (VIE)
NCL-GLA(NCL) Newcastle Airport(GLA) Glasgow International AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Glasgow, GB (GLA)
NCL-SKG(NCL) Newcastle Airport(SKG) Thessaloniki Macedonia International AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Thessaloniki, GR (SKG)
NCL-RKV(NCL) Newcastle Airport(RKV) Reykjavik AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Reykjavik, IS (RKV)
NCL-MBJ(NCL) Newcastle Airport(MBJ) Sangster International AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Montego Bay, JM (MBJ)
NCL-GNB(NCL) Newcastle Airport(GNB) Grenoble-Isère AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Grenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB)
NCL-TRN(NCL) Newcastle Airport(TRN) Turin AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Torino, IT (TRN)
NCL-RVN(NCL) Newcastle Airport(RVN) Rovaniemi AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Rovaniemi, FI (RVN)
NCL-MUC(NCL) Newcastle Airport(MUC) Munich AirportNewcastle, GB (NCL) to Munich, DE (MUC)

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