Pinal Airpark (MZJ)

Marana, United States

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Latitude: 32.5106
Longitude -111.328
Elevation: 1893 ft
Local Code: MZJ

Last updated flights departing from MZJ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
5Y 9730Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark4:00 AM(MIA) Miami
5Y 8803Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark5:00 AM(IAH) Houston
5Y 9035Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark8:35 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
PO 957Polar Air Cargo(MZJ) Pinal Airpark7:00 PM(CVG) Cincinnati
TK 6834Turkish Airlines(MZJ) Pinal Airpark3:00 PM(IST) Istanbul
5Y 9042Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark2:20 PM(SUU) Fairfield
5Y 8949Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark9:55 AM(SUU) Fairfield
K4 9347Kalitta Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark6:00 AM(DOV) Dover-Cheswold
LXJ 472Flexjet(MZJ) Pinal Airpark3:58 PM(AZA) Mesa
5Y 8646Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark10:30 AM(BWI) Baltimore
LXJ 542Flexjet(MZJ) Pinal Airpark9:30 AM(ARV) Minocqua
5Y 9025Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark10:25 AM(SUU) Fairfield
5Y 4636Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark8:55 AM(PAE) Everett
5Y 8018Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark9:00 AM(WRI) Trenton
5Y 9073Atlas Air(MZJ) Pinal Airpark2:40 PM(SUU) Fairfield

Last added routes from MZJ

Route Origin Destination
MZJ-IST(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(IST) Atatürk International AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Istanbul, TR (IST)
MZJ-AZA(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(AZA) Phoenix-Mesa-Gateway AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Phoenix, US (AZA)
MZJ-ARV(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(ARV) Lakeland-Noble F. Lee Memorial fieldMarana, US (MZJ) to Minocqua-Woodruff, US (ARV)
MZJ-YYR(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(YYR) Goose Bay AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Goose Bay, CA (YYR)
MZJ-AMA(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(AMA) Rick Husband Amarillo International AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Amarillo, US (AMA)
MZJ-HNL(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(HNL) Daniel K Inouye International AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Honolulu, US (HNL)
MZJ-WRI(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(WRI) Mc Guire Air Force BaseMarana, US (MZJ) to Wrightstown, US (WRI)
MZJ-MIB(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(MIB) Minot Air Force BaseMarana, US (MZJ) to Minot, US (MIB)
MZJ-DMA(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(DMA) Davis Monthan Air Force BaseMarana, US (MZJ) to Tucson, US (DMA)
MZJ-PHX(MZJ) Pinal Airpark(PHX) Phoenix Sky Harbor International AirportMarana, US (MZJ) to Phoenix, US (PHX)

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