Munich Airport (MUC)

Munich, Germany

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Latitude: 48.3538
Longitude 11.7861
Elevation: 1487 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from MUC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AC 9182Air Canada(MUC) Munich Airport11:55 AM(MAD) Madrid
OS 7449Austrian(MUC) Munich Airport11:55 AM(MAD) Madrid
SK 3342SAS(MUC) Munich Airport11:55 AM(MAD) Madrid
LH 1802Lufthansa(MUC) Munich Airport11:55 AM(MAD) Madrid
UA 8821United Airlines(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(KBP) Kiev/Kyiv
LH 2544Lufthansa(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(KBP) Kiev/Kyiv
LH 6790Lufthansa(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
OS 8209Austrian(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
A3 3084Aegean Airlines(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
UA 8553United Airlines(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
AC 847Air Canada(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(YYZ) Toronto
BM 7196bmi Regional(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(BLQ) Bologna
UA 9704United Airlines(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(BLQ) Bologna
LH 9482Lufthansa(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(BLQ) Bologna
EN 8240Air Dolomiti(MUC) Munich Airport11:50 AM(BLQ) Bologna

Last added routes from MUC

Route Origin Destination
MUC-LCY(MUC) Munich Airport(LCY) London City AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to London, GB (LCY)
MUC-ISL(MUC) Munich Airport(ISL) Munich, DE (MUC) to ISL
MUC-BJL(MUC) Munich Airport(BJL) Banjul International AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Banjul, GM (BJL)
MUC-BOG(MUC) Munich Airport(BOG) El Dorado International AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Bogota, CO (BOG)
MUC-KSC(MUC) Munich Airport(KSC) Košice AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Košice, SK (KSC)
MUC-LLA(MUC) Munich Airport(LLA) Luleå AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Luleå, SE (LLA)
MUC-CND(MUC) Munich Airport(CND) Mihail Kogălniceanu International AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Constanţa, RO (CND)
MUC-BGO(MUC) Munich Airport(BGO) Bergen Airport FleslandMunich, DE (MUC) to Bergen, NO (BGO)
MUC-KLU(MUC) Munich Airport(KLU) Klagenfurt AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, AT (KLU)
MUC-BOO(MUC) Munich Airport(BOO) Bodø AirportMunich, DE (MUC) to Bodø, NO (BOO)

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