Minsk National Airport (MSQ)

Minsk, Belarus

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Latitude: 53.8825
Longitude 28.0307
Elevation: 670 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from MSQ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SU 1835Aeroflot(MSQ) Minsk National Airport5:45 AM(SVO) Moscow
B2 8919Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport3:30 AM(SSH) Sharm el Sheikh
SU 1839Aeroflot(MSQ) Minsk National Airport3:10 AM(SVO) Moscow
B2 8217Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport3:10 AM(HRG) Hurghada
B2 935Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport11:30 PM(ROV) Rostov
J2 6739AZAL Azerbaijan Airlines(MSQ) Minsk National Airport11:15 PM(GYD) Baku
B2 739Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport11:15 PM(GYD) Baku
B2 961Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport11:05 PM(VOZ) Voronezh
S7 4510S7 Airlines(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:55 PM(LED) Saint Petersburg
B2 943Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:55 PM(LED) Saint Petersburg
B2 735Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:50 PM(TBS) Tbilisi
S7 4432S7 Airlines(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:45 PM(DME) Moscow
B2 953Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:45 PM(DME) Moscow
B2 847Belavia(MSQ) Minsk National Airport10:40 PM(IEV) Kiev
SU 1833Aeroflot(MSQ) Minsk National Airport9:25 PM(SVO) Moscow

Last added routes from MSQ

Route Origin Destination
MSQ-SJJ(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(SJJ) Sarajevo International AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Sarajevo, BA (SJJ)
MSQ-BTS(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(BTS) M. R. Štefánik AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Bratislava, SK (BTS)
MSQ-VOZ(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(VOZ) Voronezh International AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Voronezh, RU (VOZ)
MSQ-KIV(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(KIV) Chişinău International AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Chişinău, MD (KIV)
MSQ-AGA(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(AGA) Al Massira AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Agadir, MA (AGA)
MSQ-RMI(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(RMI) Federico Fellini International AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Rimini, IT (RMI)
MSQ-GNA(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(GNA) Hrodna AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Hrodna, BY (GNA)
MSQ-CTA(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(CTA) Catania-Fontanarossa AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Catania, IT (CTA)
MSQ-BRI(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(BRI) Bari Karol Wojtyła AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Bari, IT (BRI)
MSQ-VCE(MSQ) Minsk National Airport(VCE) Venice Marco Polo AirportMinsk, BY (MSQ) to Venice, IT (VCE)

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