Monterey Peninsula Airport (MRY)

Monterey, United States

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Latitude: 36.587
Longitude -121.843
Elevation: 257 ft
Local Code: MRY

Last updated flights departing from MRY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LXJ 572Flexjet(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport10:30 AM(OAK) Oakland
EJM 812Executive Jet Management(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport10:30 AM(SJC) San Jose
1I 533NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport10:00 AM(BHM) Birmingham
AS 3486Alaska Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport9:50 AM(SAN) San Diego
UA 5522United Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport9:07 AM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 602NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport8:00 AM(ICT) Wichita
UA 5924United Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport7:38 AM(DEN) Denver
1I 324NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport7:00 AM(SBA) Santa Barbara
UA 5521United Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport6:05 AM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 759NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport2:30 PM(BUR) Burbank
1I 520NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport2:00 PM(PWK) Chicago
UA 5534United Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport1:47 PM(LAX) Los Angeles
1I 507NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport1:30 PM(TOA) Torrance
UA 5882United Airlines(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport1:03 PM(DEN) Denver
1I 384NetJets Aviation(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport1:00 PM(LAX) Los Angeles

Last added routes from MRY

Route Origin Destination
MRY-PAH(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(PAH) Barkley Regional AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Paducah, US (PAH)
MRY-YYJ(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(YYJ) Victoria International AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Victoria, CA (YYJ)
MRY-PNE(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(PNE) Northeast Philadelphia AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Philadelphia, US (PNE)
MRY-MMU(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(MMU) Morristown Municipal AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Morristown, US (MMU)
MRY-SFB(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(SFB) Orlando Sanford International AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Orlando, US (SFB)
MRY-ICT(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(ICT) Wichita Eisenhower National AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Wichita, US (ICT)
MRY-RIC(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(RIC) Richmond International AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Richmond, US (RIC)
MRY-RNT(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(RNT) Renton Municipal AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Renton, US (RNT)
MRY-JAN(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(JAN) Jackson-Medgar Wiley Evers International AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Jackson, US (JAN)
MRY-HDN(MRY) Monterey Peninsula Airport(HDN) Yampa Valley AirportMonterey, US (MRY) to Hayden, US (HDN)

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