Malmö Sturup Airport (MMX)

Malmö, Sweden

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Latitude: 55.5363
Longitude 13.3762
Elevation: 236 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from MMX

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
3V 189ASL Airlines Belgium(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport10:55 PM(LGG) Liege
W6 1510Wizz Air(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport9:55 PM(WAW) Warsaw
W6 3210Wizz Air(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport9:35 PM(OTP) Bucharest
TF 159Braathens Regional Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport5:45 PM(BMA) Stockholm
SK 110SAS(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport5:45 PM(ARN) Stockholm
W6 1740Wizz Air(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport5:35 PM(GDN) Gdansk
DY 4052Norwegian Air Shuttle(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport5:30 PM(ARN) Stockholm
TF 155Braathens Regional Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport5:00 PM(BMA) Stockholm
IS* 966AIS Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport4:30 PM(ORB) Orebro
TF 153Braathens Regional Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport4:15 PM(BMA) Stockholm
SK 2112SAS(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport4:05 PM(ARN) Stockholm
TF 1207Braathens Regional Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport4:00 PM(VBY) Visby
W6 7712Wizz Air(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport3:35 PM(SKP) Skopje
AY 6124Finnair(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport3:15 PM(BMA) Stockholm
TF 149Braathens Regional Airlines(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport3:15 PM(BMA) Stockholm

Last added routes from MMX

Route Origin Destination
MMX-OSL(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(OSL) Oslo Gardermoen AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Oslo, NO (OSL)
MMX-IAS(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(IAS) Iaşi AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Iaşi, RO (IAS)
MMX-IKA(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(IKA) Imam Khomeini International AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Tehran, IR (IKA)
MMX-TLL(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(TLL) Lennart Meri Tallinn AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Tallinn, EE (TLL)
MMX-HEL(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(HEL) Helsinki Vantaa AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Helsinki, FI (HEL)
MMX-AGP(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(AGP) Málaga AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Málaga, ES (AGP)
MMX-KRK(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(KRK) Kraków John Paul II International AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Kraków, PL (KRK)
MMX-UME(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(UME) Umeå AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Umeå, SE (UME)
MMX-VKO(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(VKO) Vnukovo International AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Moscow, RU (VKO)
MMX-ACE(MMX) Malmö Sturup Airport(ACE) Lanzarote AirportMalmö, SE (MMX) to Lanzarote Island, ES (ACE)

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