Manchester Airport (MAN)

Manchester, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 53.3537
Longitude -2.27495
Elevation: 257 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from MAN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AY 6693Finnair(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(SOU) Southampton
EY 7195Etihad Airways(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(SOU) Southampton
VS 8494Virgin Atlantic(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(SOU) Southampton
BE 874Flybe(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(SOU) Southampton
EY 7992Etihad Airways(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(ORK) Cork
EI 3729Aer Lingus(MAN) Manchester Airport8:55 PM(ORK) Cork
AY 6651Finnair(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
EK 4127Emirates(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
VS 8316Virgin Atlantic(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
BE 1047Flybe(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
AY 6667Finnair(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
EK 4167Emirates(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
VS 8386Virgin Atlantic(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
BE 297Flybe(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
AY 6673Finnair(MAN) Manchester Airport8:40 PM(EXT) Exeter

Last added routes from MAN

Route Origin Destination
MAN-BOM(MAN) Manchester Airport(BOM) Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Mumbai, IN (BOM)
MAN-BOD(MAN) Manchester Airport(BOD) Bordeaux-Mérignac AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Bordeaux/Mérignac, FR (BOD)
MAN-HRK(MAN) Manchester Airport(HRK) Kharkiv International AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Kharkiv, UA (HRK)
MAN-CMB(MAN) Manchester Airport(CMB) Bandaranaike International Colombo AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Colombo, LK (CMB)
MAN-LBA(MAN) Manchester Airport(LBA) Leeds Bradford AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Leeds, GB (LBA)
MAN-EBL(MAN) Manchester Airport(EBL) Erbil International AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Arbil, IQ (EBL)
MAN-TGD(MAN) Manchester Airport(TGD) Podgorica AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Podgorica, ME (TGD)
MAN-SYY(MAN) Manchester Airport(SYY) Stornoway AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Stornoway, GB (SYY)
MAN-LSI(MAN) Manchester Airport(LSI) Sumburgh AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Lerwick, GB (LSI)
MAN-KOI(MAN) Manchester Airport(KOI) Kirkwall AirportManchester, GB (MAN) to Orkney Islands, GB (KOI)

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