Luoyang Airport (LYA)

Luoyang, China

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Latitude: 34.7411
Longitude 112.388
Elevation: 840 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LYA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
9C 8926Spring Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport10:35 PM(SHE) Shenyang
MU 5800China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport10:15 PM(KMG) Kunming
GJ* 8076Loong Air(LYA) Luoyang Airport8:10 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
GX* 8826Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport6:15 PM(NNG) Nanning
9C 8925Spring Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport5:30 PM(CKG) Chongqing
GJ* 8953Loong Air(LYA) Luoyang Airport5:00 PM(URC) Urumqi
MU 5696China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport4:45 PM(PEK) Beijing
MU 5799China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport4:35 PM(DLC) Dalian
MU 9642China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport4:20 PM(NGB) Ningbo
CZ 9405China Southern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport4:05 PM(SHA) Shanghai
MU 5390China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport4:05 PM(SHA) Shanghai
GJ* 8954Loong Air(LYA) Luoyang Airport3:45 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
AQ* 11609 Air Co(LYA) Luoyang Airport1:10 PM(YIH) Yichang
GX* 8978Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport12:20 PM(HAK) Haikou
MU 3079China Eastern Airlines(LYA) Luoyang Airport12:20 PM(CAN) Guangzhou

Last added routes from LYA

Route Origin Destination
LYA-TAO(LYA) Luoyang Airport(TAO) Liuting AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Qingdao, CN (TAO)
LYA-YIH(LYA) Luoyang Airport(YIH) Yichang Sanxia AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Yichang, CN (YIH)
LYA-BHY(LYA) Luoyang Airport(BHY) Beihai AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Beihai, CN (BHY)
LYA-INC(LYA) Luoyang Airport(INC) Yinchuan AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Yinchuan, CN (INC)
LYA-URC(LYA) Luoyang Airport(URC) Ürümqi Diwopu International AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Ürümqi, CN (URC)
LYA-NGB(LYA) Luoyang Airport(NGB) Ningbo Lishe International AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
LYA-ZUH(LYA) Luoyang Airport(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Zhuhai, CN (ZUH)
LYA-PVG(LYA) Luoyang Airport(PVG) Shanghai Pudong International AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
LYA-TSN(LYA) Luoyang Airport(TSN) Tianjin Binhai International AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Tianjin, CN (TSN)
LYA-KWL(LYA) Luoyang Airport(KWL) Guilin Liangjiang International AirportLuoyang, CN (LYA) to Guilin City, CN (KWL)

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