Sumburgh Airport (LSI)

Lerwick, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 59.8789
Longitude -1.29556
Elevation: 20 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LSI

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LOG 81Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport7:30 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 356Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport6:50 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
LOG 138Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport2:50 PM(KOI) Kirkwall
LOG 354Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport2:45 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
LOG 75Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport2:00 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 73Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport1:20 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 436Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport10:50 AM(GLA) Glasgow
LOG 130Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport8:15 AM(KOI) Kirkwall
LOG 352Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport7:35 AM(EDI) Edinburgh
LOG 71Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport7:35 AM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 81Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport7:45 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 356Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport7:10 PM(EDI) Edinburgh
LOG 138Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport6:30 PM(KOI) Kirkwall
LOG 79Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport4:40 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
LOG 75Loganair(LSI) Sumburgh Airport2:45 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen

Last added routes from LSI

Route Origin Destination
LSI-MAN(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(MAN) Manchester AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Manchester, GB (MAN)
LSI-BLL(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(BLL) Billund AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Billund, DK (BLL)
LSI-RKV(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(RKV) Reykjavik AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Reykjavik, IS (RKV)
LSI-KOI(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(KOI) Kirkwall AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Orkney Islands, GB (KOI)
LSI-INV(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(INV) Inverness AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Inverness, GB (INV)
LSI-GLA(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(GLA) Glasgow International AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Glasgow, GB (GLA)
LSI-FIE(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(FIE) Fair Isle AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Fair Isle, GB (FIE)
LSI-EDI(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(EDI) Edinburgh AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
LSI-BGO(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(BGO) Bergen Airport FleslandLerwick, GB (LSI) to Bergen, NO (BGO)
LSI-ABZ(LSI) Sumburgh Airport(ABZ) Aberdeen Dyce AirportLerwick, GB (LSI) to Aberdeen, GB (ABZ)

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