Bowman Field (LOU)

Louisville, United States

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Latitude: 38.228
Longitude -85.6637
Elevation: 546 ft
Local Code: LOU

Last updated flights departing from LOU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 377NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field3:00 PM(BCT) Boca Raton
FRG 30Freight Runners Express(LOU) Bowman Field11:00 AM(MKE) Milwaukee
FRG 9983Freight Runners Express(LOU) Bowman Field4:02 PM(MKE) Milwaukee
1I 303NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field6:00 PM(CLE) Cleveland
1I 354NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field10:30 AM(PWK) Chicago
1I 340NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field8:06 AM(BOS) Boston
1I 309NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field11:30 AM(ILM) Wilmington
1I 358NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field3:21 PM(SDF) Louisville
1I 392NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field10:00 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
1I 390NetJets Aviation(LOU) Bowman Field6:45 PM(MDW) Chicago
O2* 5244Linear Air(LOU) Bowman Field8:00 PM(ROA) Roanoke
O2* 5239Linear Air(LOU) Bowman Field8:00 PM(AGC) Pittsburgh
O2* 5238Linear Air(LOU) Bowman Field4:00 PM(AGC) Pittsburgh
O2* 5243Linear Air(LOU) Bowman Field4:00 PM(ROA) Roanoke
O2* 5242Linear Air(LOU) Bowman Field1:00 PM(ROA) Roanoke

Last added routes from LOU

Route Origin Destination
LOU-BCT(LOU) Bowman Field(BCT) Boca Raton AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Boca Raton, US (BCT)
LOU-MKE(LOU) Bowman Field(MKE) General Mitchell International AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Milwaukee, US (MKE)
LOU-CLE(LOU) Bowman Field(CLE) Cleveland Hopkins International AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Cleveland, US (CLE)
LOU-PWK(LOU) Bowman Field(PWK) Chicago Executive AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Chicago/Prospect Heights/Wheeling, US (PWK)
LOU-BOS(LOU) Bowman Field(BOS) General Edward Lawrence Logan International AirporLouisville, US (LOU) to Boston, US (BOS)
LOU-ILM(LOU) Bowman Field(ILM) Wilmington International AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Wilmington, US (ILM)
LOU-CVG(LOU) Bowman Field(CVG) Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Cincinnati, US (CVG)
LOU-OWB(LOU) Bowman Field(OWB) Owensboro Daviess County AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Owensboro, US (OWB)
LOU-27K(LOU) Bowman Field(27K) Louisville, US (LOU) to 27K
LOU-ROA(LOU) Bowman Field(ROA) Roanokeā€“Blacksburg Regional AirportLouisville, US (LOU) to Roanoke, US (ROA)

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