Lincoln Airport (LNK)

Lincoln, United States

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Latitude: 40.851
Longitude -96.7592
Elevation: 1219 ft
Local Code: LNK

Last updated flights departing from LNK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SY 8650Sun Country Airlines(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:30 PM(LAN) Lansing
1I 565NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport6:00 PM(MEM) Memphis
1I 565NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:00 PM(ADS) Dallas
1I 565NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport4:00 PM(AUS) Austin
1I 565NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport12:45 PM(BZN) Belgrade
OPT 314Flight Options(LNK) Lincoln Airport9:04 AM(SAN) San Diego
1I 204NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport11:30 PM(BFL) Bakersfield
UA 4705United Airlines(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:43 PM(DEN) Denver
VS 2033Virgin Atlantic(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:35 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
KL 8473KLM(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:35 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
DL 3536Delta Air Lines(LNK) Lincoln Airport5:35 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
UA 5181United Airlines(LNK) Lincoln Airport2:45 PM(ORD) Chicago
1I 565NetJets Aviation(LNK) Lincoln Airport1:18 PM(ASE) Aspen
VS 2034Virgin Atlantic(LNK) Lincoln Airport1:15 PM(MSP) Minneapolis
KL 5565KLM(LNK) Lincoln Airport1:15 PM(MSP) Minneapolis

Last added routes from LNK

Route Origin Destination
LNK-SAN(LNK) Lincoln Airport(SAN) San Diego International AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to San Diego, US (SAN)
LNK-BFL(LNK) Lincoln Airport(BFL) Meadows FieldLincoln, US (LNK) to Bakersfield, US (BFL)
LNK-APF(LNK) Lincoln Airport(APF) Naples Municipal AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Naples, US (APF)
LNK-FLL(LNK) Lincoln Airport(FLL) Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Fort Lauderdale, US (FLL)
LNK-FHU(LNK) Lincoln Airport(FHU) Sierra Vista Municipal Libby Army Air FieldLincoln, US (LNK) to Fort Huachuca Sierra Vista, US (FHU)
LNK-YEG(LNK) Lincoln Airport(YEG) Edmonton International AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Edmonton, CA (YEG)
LNK-BWD(LNK) Lincoln Airport(BWD) Brownwood Regional AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Brownwood, US (BWD)
LNK-EFD(LNK) Lincoln Airport(EFD) Ellington AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Houston, US (EFD)
LNK-COU(LNK) Lincoln Airport(COU) Columbia Regional AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Columbia, US (COU)
LNK-LAX(LNK) Lincoln Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportLincoln, US (LNK) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)

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