Luleå Airport (LLA)

Luleå, Sweden

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Latitude: 65.5438
Longitude 22.122
Elevation: 65 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LLA

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
DY 4040Norwegian Air Shuttle(LLA) Luleå Airport2:00 PM(ARN) Stockholm
CA 6879Air China(LLA) Luleå Airport1:10 PM(ARN) Stockholm
LH 6189Lufthansa(LLA) Luleå Airport1:10 PM(ARN) Stockholm
LX 4726SWISS(LLA) Luleå Airport1:10 PM(ARN) Stockholm
OS 7546Austrian(LLA) Luleå Airport1:10 PM(ARN) Stockholm
SK 9SAS(LLA) Luleå Airport1:10 PM(ARN) Stockholm
DY 4032Norwegian Air Shuttle(LLA) Luleå Airport7:25 AM(ARN) Stockholm
DY 4030Norwegian Air Shuttle(LLA) Luleå Airport6:35 AM(ARN) Stockholm
LH 6183Lufthansa(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
LX 4728SWISS(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
OS 7548Austrian(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
SQ 2739Singapore Airlines(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
TK 8247Turkish Airlines(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
SK 1SAS(LLA) Luleå Airport6:05 AM(ARN) Stockholm
DY 4044Norwegian Air Shuttle(LLA) Luleå Airport5:45 PM(ARN) Stockholm

Last added routes from LLA

Route Origin Destination
LLA-JKG(LLA) Luleå Airport(JKG) Jönköping AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Jönköping, SE (JKG)
LLA-AGH(LLA) Luleå Airport(AGH) Ängelholm-Helsingborg AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Ängelholm, SE (AGH)
LLA-JYV(LLA) Luleå Airport(JYV) Jyvaskyla AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Jyväskylän Maalaiskunta, FI (JYV)
LLA-AYT(LLA) Luleå Airport(AYT) Antalya International AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Antalya, TR (AYT)
LLA-KGS(LLA) Luleå Airport(KGS) Kos AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Kos Island, GR (KGS)
LLA-KRN(LLA) Luleå Airport(KRN) Kiruna AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Kiruna, SE (KRN)
LLA-SDL(LLA) Luleå Airport(SDL) Sundsvall-Härnösand AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Sundsvall/ Härnösand, SE (SDL)
LLA-HKT(LLA) Luleå Airport(HKT) Phuket International AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Phuket, TH (HKT)
LLA-LPA(LLA) Luleå Airport(LPA) Gran Canaria AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Gran Canaria Island, ES (LPA)
LLA-UME(LLA) Luleå Airport(UME) Umeå AirportLuleå, SE (LLA) to Umeå, SE (UME)

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