Milano Linate Airport (LIN)

Milan, Italy

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Latitude: 45.4451
Longitude 9.27674
Elevation: 353 ft
Local Code: MI11

Last updated flights departing from LIN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 3932easyJet(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:45 AM(CDG) Paris
AZ 2111Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:40 AM(FCO) Rome
AZ 1285Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:40 AM(NAP) Naples
AZ 1195Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:35 AM(REG) Reggio Calabria
LG 1388Luxair(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:35 AM(LUX) Luxembourg
AZ 144Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:35 AM(LUX) Luxembourg
AZ 350Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:30 AM(ORY) Paris
AZ 418Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:30 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
AZ 2025Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:20 AM(FCO) Rome
AZ 1746Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:10 AM(CTA) Catania
AA 8755American Airlines(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:00 AM(MAD) Madrid
IG 9257Meridiana(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:00 AM(MAD) Madrid
IB 3257Iberia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:00 AM(MAD) Madrid
DL 6622Delta Air Lines(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:00 AM(FCO) Rome
AZ 2021Alitalia(LIN) Milano Linate Airport8:00 AM(FCO) Rome

Last added routes from LIN

Route Origin Destination
LIN-LGG(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(LGG) Liège AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Liège, BE (LGG)
LIN-ZRH(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(ZRH) Zürich AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
LIN-BSL(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(BSL) EuroAirport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Bâle/Mulhouse, FR (BSL)
LIN-SOF(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(SOF) Sofia AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Sofia, BG (SOF)
LIN-TPS(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(TPS) Vincenzo Florio Airport Trapani-BirgiMilan, IT (LIN) to Trapani (TP), IT (TPS)
LIN-LUX(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(LUX) Luxembourg-Findel International AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Luxembourg, LU (LUX)
LIN-GVA(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(GVA) Geneva Cointrin International AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Geneva, CH (GVA)
LIN-NCE(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(NCE) Nice-Côte d'Azur AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Nice, FR (NCE)
LIN-LBG(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(LBG) Paris-Le Bourget AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Paris, FR (LBG)
LIN-LYN(LIN) Milano Linate Airport(LYN) Lyon-Bron AirportMilan, IT (LIN) to Lyon/Bron, FR (LYN)

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