Lille-Lesquin Airport (LIL)

Lille/Lesquin, France

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Latitude: 50.5633
Longitude 3.08689
Elevation: 157 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LIL

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
U2 1678easyJet(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport9:15 AM(NAP) Naples
U2 1694easyJet(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport4:50 PM(FAO) Faro
U2 1702easyJet(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport8:20 PM(TLS) Toulouse
FR 6006Ryanair(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:45 PM(MRS) Marseille
AF 4381Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:35 PM(NTE) Nantes
HOP 3077HOP!(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:35 PM(NTE) Nantes
AF 5413Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:15 PM(LYS) Lyon
HOP 4067HOP!(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:15 PM(LYS) Lyon
AF 7010Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:05 PM(MRS) Marseille
HOP 3416HOP!(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport6:05 PM(MRS) Marseille
AF 4328Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport8:25 AM(BOD) Bordeaux
HOP 3251HOP!(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport8:25 AM(BOD) Bordeaux
AF 4382Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport8:00 AM(SXB) Strasbourg
HOP 3430HOP!(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport8:00 AM(SXB) Strasbourg
AF 7006Air France(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport7:15 AM(MRS) Marseille

Last added routes from LIL

Route Origin Destination
LIL-PUF(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(PUF) Pau Pyrénées AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Pau/Pyrénées (Uzein), FR (PUF)
LIL-DOL(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(DOL) Deauville-Saint-Gatien AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Deauville, FR (DOL)
LIL-OPO(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(OPO) Francisco de Sá Carneiro AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Porto, PT (OPO)
LIL-PGF(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(PGF) Perpignan-Rivesaltes (Llabanère) AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Perpignan/Rivesaltes, FR (PGF)
LIL-CDG(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Paris, FR (CDG)
LIL-TIV(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(TIV) Tivat AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Tivat, ME (TIV)
LIL-VCE(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(VCE) Venice Marco Polo AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Venice, IT (VCE)
LIL-NAP(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(NAP) Naples International AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Nápoli, IT (NAP)
LIL-AMS(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(AMS) Amsterdam Airport SchipholLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Amsterdam, NL (AMS)
LIL-TUN(LIL) Lille-Lesquin Airport(TUN) Tunis Carthage International AirportLille/Lesquin, FR (LIL) to Tunis, TN (TUN)

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