Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport (LHW)

Lanzhou, China

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Latitude: 36.5152
Longitude 103.62
Elevation: 6388 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LHW

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
QW* 6067Qingdao Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport1:00 AM(CXR) Nha Trang
8Y* 9133China Postal Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport12:25 AM(URC) Urumqi
8Y* 9001China Postal Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport12:05 AM(NKG) Nanjing
UQ* 2545Urumqi Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:50 PM(CGO) Zhengzhou
ZH 1240Shenzhen Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:50 PM(PEK) Beijing
NZ 3832Air New Zealand(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:50 PM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1240Air China(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:50 PM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 6676China Southern Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:45 PM(HAK) Haikou
EU 2272Chengdu Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:45 PM(CTU) Chengdu
MU 2413China Eastern Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:40 PM(CTU) Chengdu
Y8 7554Suparna Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:40 PM(TNA) Jinan
9C 8818Spring Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:25 PM(WGN) Shaoyang
CZ 9262China Southern Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:20 PM(PVG) Shanghai
MU 2353China Eastern Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:20 PM(PVG) Shanghai
GJ* 8760Zhejiang Loong Airlines(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport8:15 PM(HGH) Hangzhou

Last added routes from LHW

Route Origin Destination
LHW-SVO(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(SVO) Sheremetyevo International AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Moscow, RU (SVO)
LHW-KUL(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(KUL) Kuala Lumpur International AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Kuala Lumpur, MY (KUL)
LHW-JJN(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(JJN) Quanzhou Jinjiang International AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Quanzhou, CN (JJN)
LHW-WUA(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(WUA) Wuhai AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Wuhai, CN (WUA)
LHW-LFQ(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(LFQ) Linfen Qiaoli AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Linfen, CN (LFQ)
LHW-YYA(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(YYA) Sanhe AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Yueyang, CN (YYA)
LHW-YNT(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(YNT) Yantai Laishan AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Yantai, CN (YNT)
LHW-JHG(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(JHG) Xishuangbanna Gasa AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Jinghong, CN (JHG)
LHW-RGN(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(RGN) Yangon International AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Yangon, MM (RGN)
LHW-MDL(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan Airport(MDL) Mandalay International AirportLanzhou, CN (LHW) to Mandalay, MM (MDL)

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