London, United Kingdom

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Live departures from LHR, flight status information for London Heathrow Airport, flight delay status for London.

LHR Departures, London Heathrow Airport Departures

Departure times are given in local time. The time zone in London is GMT+01:00.

Local Time in London: 10:52 AM 2019-08-22

EK 8 Emirates(DXB) Dubai9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
QF 8008 ^Qantas(DXB) Dubai9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1340 British Airways(LBA) Leeds9:05 AMLanded
AA 6732 ^American Airlines(LBA) Leeds9:05 AMLanded
QF 3571 ^Qantas(LBA) Leeds9:05 AMLanded
QR 5971 ^Qatar Airways(LBA) Leeds9:05 AMLanded
OS 452 Austrian(VIE) Vienna9:05 AMEn Route
AC 6198 ^Air Canada(VIE) Vienna9:05 AMEn Route
UA 9846 ^United Airlines(VIE) Vienna9:05 AMEn Route
EW 2463 Eurowings(STR) Stuttgart9:10 AMEn Route
AC 6944 ^Air Canada(STR) Stuttgart9:10 AMEn Route
UA 9633 ^United Airlines(STR) Stuttgart9:10 AMEn Route
QR 10 Qatar Airways(DOH) Doha9:15 AMEn Route
BA 7010 ^British Airways(DOH) Doha9:15 AMEn Route
IB 3163 Iberia(MAD) Madrid9:15 AMEn Route
AA 8777 ^American Airlines(MAD) Madrid9:15 AMEn Route
BA 7053 ^British Airways(MAD) Madrid9:15 AMEn Route
JL 6980 ^JAL(MAD) Madrid9:15 AMEn Route
BE 2182 Flybe(NQY) Newquay9:15 AMEn Route
EK 4078 ^Emirates(NQY) Newquay9:15 AMEn Route
EY 7192 ^Etihad Airways(NQY) Newquay9:15 AMEn Route
VS 8248 ^Virgin Atlantic(NQY) Newquay9:15 AMEn Route
AA 47 American Airlines(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
AY 5781 ^Finnair(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
BA 1544 ^British Airways(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
GF 6847 ^Gulf Air(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
IB 4189 ^Iberia(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
LY 8025 ^El Al(ORD) Chicago9:15 AMEn Route
BA 1438 British Airways(EDI) Edinburgh9:15 AMEn Route
AA 6624 ^American Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh9:15 AMEn Route
LA 5502 ^LATAM Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh9:15 AMEn Route
QF 3555 ^Qantas(EDI) Edinburgh9:15 AMEn Route
QR 6267 ^Qatar Airways(EDI) Edinburgh9:15 AMEn Route
BA 576 British Airways(MXP) Milan9:20 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6541 ^American Airlines(MXP) Milan9:20 AMEn Route Delayed
VS 7 Virgin Atlantic(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
AF 6756 ^Air France(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
AM 7658 ^Aeromexico(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
DL 4384 ^Delta Air Lines(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
KL 4808 ^KLM(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
SQ 2507 ^Singapore Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
VA 5351 ^Virgin Australia(LAX) Los Angeles9:20 AMEn Route
BA 878 British Airways(LED) Saint Petersburg9:20 AMEn Route
BA 712 British Airways(ZRH) Zurich9:25 AMEn Route
AA 6482 ^American Airlines(ZRH) Zurich9:25 AMEn Route
CX 7211 ^Cathay Pacific(ZRH) Zurich9:25 AMEn Route
JL 6533 ^JAL(ZRH) Zurich9:25 AMEn Route
BA 484 British Airways(BCN) Barcelona9:25 AMEn Route
AA 6728 ^American Airlines(BCN) Barcelona9:25 AMEn Route
IB 7484 ^Iberia(BCN) Barcelona9:25 AMEn Route
BA 728 British Airways(GVA) Geneva9:25 AMEn Route
AA 6338 ^American Airlines(GVA) Geneva9:25 AMEn Route
DL 17 Delta Air Lines(DTW) Detroit9:25 AMEn Route
AF 9301 ^Air France(DTW) Detroit9:25 AMEn Route
KL 6082 ^KLM(DTW) Detroit9:25 AMEn Route
VS 4039 ^Virgin Atlantic(DTW) Detroit9:25 AMEn Route
SQ 305 Singapore Airlines(SIN) Singapore9:25 AMEn Route Delayed
NZ 3305 ^Air New Zealand(SIN) Singapore9:25 AMEn Route Delayed
VA 5683 ^Virgin Australia(SIN) Singapore9:25 AMEn Route Delayed
VS 7974 ^Virgin Atlantic(SIN) Singapore9:25 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 195 American Airlines(PHX) Phoenix9:30 AMEn Route
AY 4179 ^Finnair(PHX) Phoenix9:30 AMEn Route
BA 1526 ^British Airways(PHX) Phoenix9:30 AMEn Route
IB 4855 ^Iberia(PHX) Phoenix9:30 AMEn Route
EY 10 Etihad Airways(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:30 AMEn Route
HX 1444 ^Hong Kong Airlines(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:30 AMEn Route
NZ 4296 ^Air New Zealand(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:30 AMEn Route
EI 711 Aer Lingus(ORK) Cork9:30 AMEn Route
AC 6911 ^Air Canada(ORK) Cork9:30 AMEn Route
BA 5927 ^British Airways(ORK) Cork9:30 AMEn Route
UA 7641 ^United Airlines(ORK) Cork9:30 AMEn Route
UA 879 United Airlines(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 5929 ^Air Canada(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 7623 ^Lufthansa(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
LX 3054 ^SWISS(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
OS 7809 ^Austrian(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
SN 9078 ^Brussels Airlines(IAH) Houston9:30 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 901 Lufthansa(FRA) Frankfurt9:30 AMEn Route
UA 8810 ^United Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt9:30 AMEn Route
EY 12 Etihad Airways(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
AC 6672 ^Air Canada(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
GA 9057 ^Garuda Indonesia(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
HX 1012 ^Hong Kong Airlines(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
KM 2160 ^Air Malta(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
NZ 4292 ^Air New Zealand(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
VA 7012 ^Virgin Australia(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
XY 3012 ^flynas(AUH) Abu Dhabi9:35 AMScheduled
BA 53 British Airways(SEA) Seattle9:35 AMEn Route
AA 6233 ^American Airlines(SEA) Seattle9:35 AMEn Route
AY 5451 ^Finnair(SEA) Seattle9:35 AMEn Route
EI 8753 ^Aer Lingus(SEA) Seattle9:35 AMEn Route
IB 7315 ^Iberia(SEA) Seattle9:35 AMEn Route
BA 175 British Airways(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route
AA 6140 ^American Airlines(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route
AY 5475 ^Finnair(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route
EI 8875 ^Aer Lingus(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route
IB 7374 ^Iberia(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route
JL 42 JAL(HND) Tokyo9:40 AMEn Route
BA 4608 ^British Airways(HND) Tokyo9:40 AMEn Route
DL 59 Delta Air Lines(BOS) Boston9:40 AMScheduled Delayed
AF 3610 ^Air France(BOS) Boston9:40 AMScheduled Delayed
KL 6187 ^KLM(BOS) Boston9:40 AMScheduled Delayed
VS 4011 ^Virgin Atlantic(BOS) Boston9:40 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 508 British Airways(FAO) Faro9:45 AMEn Route
QR 5919 ^Qatar Airways(FAO) Faro9:45 AMEn Route
AI 162 Air India(DEL) Delhi9:45 AMEn Route
AC 6400 ^Air Canada(DEL) Delhi9:45 AMEn Route
BE 2122 Flybe(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
CX 9351 ^Cathay Pacific(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
EK 4107 ^Emirates(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
EY 7172 ^Etihad Airways(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
SQ 2486 ^Singapore Airlines(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
VS 8408 ^Virgin Atlantic(ABZ) Aberdeen9:45 AMEn Route
BA 346 British Airways(NCE) Nice9:45 AMEn Route
AA 6590 ^American Airlines(NCE) Nice9:45 AMEn Route
CX 7233 ^Cathay Pacific(NCE) Nice9:45 AMEn Route
AA 101 American Airlines(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
AY 4011 ^Finnair(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
BA 1516 ^British Airways(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
GF 6631 ^Gulf Air(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
IB 4219 ^Iberia(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
LY 8066 ^El Al(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
MH 9393 ^Malaysia Airlines(JFK) New York9:45 AMEn Route
EI 155 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin9:50 AMScheduled Delayed
AC 6907 ^Air Canada(DUB) Dublin9:50 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 5955 ^British Airways(DUB) Dublin9:50 AMScheduled Delayed
UA 7655 ^United Airlines(DUB) Dublin9:50 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 1326 British Airways(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
AA 6651 ^American Airlines(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
CX 1213 ^Cathay Pacific(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
IB 7540 ^Iberia(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
QR 5975 ^Qatar Airways(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
S7 4723 ^S7 Airlines(NCL) Newcastle9:50 AMEn Route
EI 381 Aer Lingus(SNN) Shannon9:50 AMEn Route
AC 6917 ^Air Canada(SNN) Shannon9:50 AMEn Route
BA 5941 ^British Airways(SNN) Shannon9:50 AMEn Route
UA 7666 ^United Airlines(SNN) Shannon9:50 AMEn Route
BA 283 British Airways(LAX) Los Angeles9:50 AMEn Route
AA 6186 ^American Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles9:50 AMEn Route
AY 5523 ^Finnair(LAX) Los Angeles9:50 AMEn Route
EI 8983 ^Aer Lingus(LAX) Los Angeles9:50 AMEn Route
IB 7441 ^Iberia(LAX) Los Angeles9:50 AMEn Route
SK 502 SAS(CPH) Copenhagen9:50 AMEn Route
EY 7447 ^Etihad Airways(CPH) Copenhagen9:50 AMEn Route
SA 7967 ^South African Airways(CPH) Copenhagen9:50 AMEn Route
TG 6223 ^Thai Airways International(CPH) Copenhagen9:50 AMEn Route
BA 814 British Airways(CPH) Copenhagen9:55 AMEn Route
AA 6533 ^American Airlines(CPH) Copenhagen9:55 AMEn Route
AY 5900 ^Finnair(CPH) Copenhagen9:55 AMEn Route
CX 7191 ^Cathay Pacific(CPH) Copenhagen9:55 AMEn Route
JL 6523 ^JAL(CPH) Copenhagen9:55 AMEn Route
KL 1008 KLM(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
CZ 7607 ^China Southern Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
DL 9488 ^Delta Air Lines(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
GA 9239 ^Garuda Indonesia(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
MF 9304 ^Xiamen Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
VS 6916 ^Virgin Atlantic(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
WY 5508 ^Oman Air(AMS) Amsterdam9:55 AMEn Route
BA 195 British Airways(IAH) Houston9:55 AMEn Route
AA 6156 ^American Airlines(IAH) Houston9:55 AMEn Route
AY 5495 ^Finnair(IAH) Houston9:55 AMEn Route
EI 8895 ^Aer Lingus(IAH) Houston9:55 AMEn Route
IB 7390 ^Iberia(IAH) Houston9:55 AMEn Route
BA 862 British Airways(PRG) Prague9:55 AMEn Route
AA 6589 ^American Airlines(PRG) Prague9:55 AMEn Route
CX 7139 ^Cathay Pacific(PRG) Prague9:55 AMEn Route
JL 6541 ^JAL(PRG) Prague9:55 AMEn Route
GF 2 Gulf Air(BAH) Bahrain10:00 AMScheduled
BA 700 British Airways(VIE) Vienna10:00 AMEn Route
AA 6641 ^American Airlines(VIE) Vienna10:00 AMEn Route
JL 7865 ^JAL(VIE) Vienna10:00 AMEn Route
BA 1476 British Airways(GLA) Glasgow10:00 AMEn Route
AA 6436 ^American Airlines(GLA) Glasgow10:00 AMEn Route
IB 7586 ^Iberia(GLA) Glasgow10:00 AMEn Route
QR 5946 ^Qatar Airways(GLA) Glasgow10:00 AMEn Route
AC 855 Air Canada(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
LH 6840 ^Lufthansa(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
NZ 4825 ^Air New Zealand(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
OS 8211 ^Austrian(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
SA 7304 ^South African Airways(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
UA 8581 ^United Airlines(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
UL 2855 ^SriLankan Airlines(YVR) Vancouver10:05 AMEn Route
AA 731 American Airlines(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
AY 5664 ^Finnair(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
BA 1596 ^British Airways(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
IB 4667 ^Iberia(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
LY 8186 ^El Al(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
MH 9533 ^Malaysia Airlines(CLT) Charlotte10:05 AMEn Route
UA 15 United Airlines(EWR) Newark10:05 AMScheduled Delayed
AC 5803 ^Air Canada(EWR) Newark10:05 AMScheduled Delayed
LH 7627 ^Lufthansa(EWR) Newark10:05 AMScheduled Delayed
LX 3040 ^SWISS(EWR) Newark10:05 AMScheduled Delayed
OS 7793 ^Austrian(EWR) Newark10:05 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 139 British Airways(BOM) Mumbai10:05 AMEn Route
AA 6657 ^American Airlines(BOM) Mumbai10:05 AMEn Route
BA 1386 British Airways(MAN) Manchester10:10 AMScheduled
AA 6621 ^American Airlines(MAN) Manchester10:10 AMScheduled
JL 6509 ^JAL(MAN) Manchester10:10 AMScheduled
QR 6243 ^Qatar Airways(MAN) Manchester10:10 AMScheduled
S7 4703 ^S7 Airlines(MAN) Manchester10:10 AMScheduled
BA 143 British Airways(DEL) Delhi10:10 AMScheduled
AA 6661 ^American Airlines(DEL) Delhi10:10 AMScheduled
VS 103 Virgin Atlantic(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
AF 9902 ^Air France(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
AM 7676 ^Aeromexico(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
DL 4364 ^Delta Air Lines(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
KL 4800 ^KLM(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
SQ 2513 ^Singapore Airlines(ATL) Atlanta10:10 AMScheduled
BA 253 British Airways(NAS) Nassau10:15 AMScheduled
LO 282 LOT - Polish Airlines(WAW) Warsaw10:15 AMScheduled
AC 6754 ^Air Canada(WAW) Warsaw10:15 AMScheduled
AI 7762 ^Air India(WAW) Warsaw10:15 AMScheduled
SQ 2372 ^Singapore Airlines(WAW) Warsaw10:15 AMScheduled
UA 6846 ^United Airlines(WAW) Warsaw10:15 AMScheduled
BA 652 British Airways(JTR) Thira10:15 AMScheduled Delayed
AA 729 American Airlines(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
AY 5662 ^Finnair(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
BA 1588 ^British Airways(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
IB 4665 ^Iberia(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
LY 8184 ^El Al(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
MH 9530 ^Malaysia Airlines(PHL) Philadelphia10:15 AMEn Route
SK 804 SAS(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
AC 9949 ^Air Canada(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
EY 7473 ^Etihad Airways(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
SA 7965 ^South African Airways(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
SQ 2660 ^Singapore Airlines(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
UA 7044 ^United Airlines(OSL) Oslo10:20 AMScheduled
AY 1332 Finnair(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
AA 9000 ^American Airlines(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
BA 6032 ^British Airways(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
CX 1413 ^Cathay Pacific(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
CZ 4356 ^China Southern Airlines(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
JL 6840 ^JAL(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
QF 4164 ^Qantas(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
UL 3201 ^SriLankan Airlines(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
VN 3688 ^Vietnam Airlines(HEL) Helsinki10:20 AMScheduled
BA 65 British Airways(NBO) Nairobi10:20 AMScheduled
AA 6653 ^American Airlines(NBO) Nairobi10:20 AMScheduled
IB 7323 ^Iberia(NBO) Nairobi10:20 AMScheduled
BA 378 British Airways(TLS) Toulouse10:25 AMScheduled
AA 6550 ^American Airlines(TLS) Toulouse10:25 AMScheduled
BA 676 British Airways(ISL) Istanbul10:25 AMScheduled
AA 6613 ^American Airlines(ISL) Istanbul10:25 AMScheduled
UA 900 United Airlines(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
AC 5375 ^Air Canada(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
LH 9374 ^Lufthansa(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
LX 3042 ^SWISS(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
NZ 9831 ^Air New Zealand(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
OS 7857 ^Austrian(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
SN 9099 ^Brussels Airlines(SFO) San Francisco10:25 AMEn Route
AA 109 American Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
AY 4014 ^Finnair(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
BA 1545 ^British Airways(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
FJ 5068 ^Fiji Airways(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
GF 6507 ^Gulf Air(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
IB 4261 ^Iberia(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
LY 8006 ^El Al(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
MH 9415 ^Malaysia Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles10:30 AMEn Route
DL 2 Delta Air Lines(JFK) New York10:30 AMEn Route
AF 3666 ^Air France(JFK) New York10:30 AMEn Route
KL 6102 ^KLM(JFK) New York10:30 AMEn Route
VS 4031 ^Virgin Atlantic(JFK) New York10:30 AMEn Route
LH 903 Lufthansa(FRA) Frankfurt10:30 AMScheduled
UA 9318 ^United Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt10:30 AMScheduled
BA 295 British Airways(ORD) Chicago10:30 AMScheduled
AA 6195 ^American Airlines(ORD) Chicago10:30 AMScheduled
AY 5535 ^Finnair(ORD) Chicago10:30 AMScheduled
EI 8995 ^Aer Lingus(ORD) Chicago10:30 AMScheduled
IB 7451 ^Iberia(ORD) Chicago10:30 AMScheduled
IB 3175 Iberia(MAD) Madrid10:35 AMScheduled
AA 8863 ^American Airlines(MAD) Madrid10:35 AMScheduled
BA 7055 ^British Airways(MAD) Madrid10:35 AMScheduled
DL 51 Delta Air Lines(SLC) Salt Lake City10:35 AMScheduled
AF 3677 ^Air France(SLC) Salt Lake City10:35 AMScheduled
KL 6054 ^KLM(SLC) Salt Lake City10:35 AMScheduled
VS 4019 ^Virgin Atlantic(SLC) Salt Lake City10:35 AMScheduled
UA 928 United Airlines(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
AC 5363 ^Air Canada(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
LH 9348 ^Lufthansa(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
LX 3044 ^SWISS(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
OS 7849 ^Austrian(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
SN 9087 ^Brussels Airlines(ORD) Chicago10:35 AMScheduled
SK 526 SAS(ARN) Stockholm10:35 AMScheduled Delayed
EY 7452 ^Etihad Airways(ARN) Stockholm10:35 AMScheduled Delayed
SA 7969 ^South African Airways(ARN) Stockholm10:35 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 834 British Airways(DUB) Dublin10:35 AMScheduled
AA 6768 ^American Airlines(DUB) Dublin10:35 AMScheduled
EI 8334 ^Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin10:35 AMScheduled
S7 4705 ^S7 Airlines(DUB) Dublin10:35 AMScheduled
SU 2581 Aeroflot(SVO) Moscow10:40 AMScheduled
BA 207 British Airways(MIA) Miami10:40 AMScheduled
AA 6160 ^American Airlines(MIA) Miami10:40 AMScheduled
AY 5507 ^Finnair(MIA) Miami10:40 AMScheduled
EI 8907 ^Aer Lingus(MIA) Miami10:40 AMScheduled
IB 7397 ^Iberia(MIA) Miami10:40 AMScheduled
BA 962 British Airways(HAM) Hamburg10:40 AMScheduled
AA 6493 ^American Airlines(HAM) Hamburg10:40 AMScheduled
CX 7157 ^Cathay Pacific(HAM) Hamburg10:40 AMScheduled
JL 6539 ^JAL(HAM) Hamburg10:40 AMScheduled
QR 5876 ^Qatar Airways(HAM) Hamburg10:40 AMScheduled
BA 546 British Airways(FCO) Rome10:45 AMScheduled
AA 6510 ^American Airlines(FCO) Rome10:45 AMScheduled
VS 5 Virgin Atlantic(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
AF 6754 ^Air France(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
AM 7654 ^Aeromexico(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
DL 4386 ^Delta Air Lines(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
KL 4816 ^KLM(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
SQ 2505 ^Singapore Airlines(MIA) Miami10:45 AMScheduled
BA 938 British Airways(DUS) Dusseldorf10:45 AMScheduled
AA 6508 ^American Airlines(DUS) Dusseldorf10:45 AMScheduled
JL 6537 ^JAL(DUS) Dusseldorf10:45 AMScheduled
BA 992 British Airways(TXL) Berlin10:50 AMScheduled
AA 6382 ^American Airlines(TXL) Berlin10:50 AMScheduled
JL 6525 ^JAL(TXL) Berlin10:50 AMScheduled
QF 3523 ^Qantas(TXL) Berlin10:50 AMScheduled
EI 157 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin10:50 AMScheduled
BA 5957 ^British Airways(DUB) Dublin10:50 AMScheduled
EY 1307 ^Etihad Airways(DUB) Dublin10:50 AMScheduled
KM 101 Air Malta(MLA) Malta10:50 AMScheduled
EY 7292 ^Etihad Airways(MLA) Malta10:50 AMScheduled
BA 185 British Airways(EWR) Newark10:50 AMScheduled
AA 6148 ^American Airlines(EWR) Newark10:50 AMScheduled
AY 5485 ^Finnair(EWR) Newark10:50 AMScheduled
EI 8885 ^Aer Lingus(EWR) Newark10:50 AMScheduled
IB 7382 ^Iberia(EWR) Newark10:50 AMScheduled
BA 474 British Airways(BCN) Barcelona10:50 AMScheduled
AA 6287 ^American Airlines(BCN) Barcelona10:50 AMScheduled
IB 7476 ^Iberia(BCN) Barcelona10:50 AMScheduled
BA 235 British Airways(SVO) Moscow10:55 AMScheduled Delayed
LH 2473 Lufthansa(MUC) Munich10:55 AMScheduled
UA 9230 ^United Airlines(MUC) Munich10:55 AMScheduled
BA 217 British Airways(IAD) Dulles11:00 AMScheduled
AA 6168 ^American Airlines(IAD) Dulles11:00 AMScheduled
AY 5417 ^Finnair(IAD) Dulles11:00 AMScheduled
EI 8917 ^Aer Lingus(IAD) Dulles11:00 AMScheduled
IB 7405 ^Iberia(IAD) Dulles11:00 AMScheduled
BA 904 British Airways(FRA) Frankfurt11:00 AMScheduled
AA 6576 ^American Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt11:00 AMScheduled
AA 21 American Airlines(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
AY 4177 ^Finnair(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
BA 1590 ^British Airways(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
GF 4188 ^Gulf Air(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
IB 4915 ^Iberia(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
LY 8013 ^El Al(DFW) Dallas11:00 AMScheduled
MH 3 Malaysia Airlines(KUL) Kuala Lumpur11:00 AMScheduled
AA 7440 ^American Airlines(KUL) Kuala Lumpur11:00 AMScheduled
FY 7003 ^Firefly(KUL) Kuala Lumpur11:00 AMScheduled
BA 308 British Airways(CDG) Paris11:00 AMScheduled
AA 6552 ^American Airlines(CDG) Paris11:00 AMScheduled
EI 931 Aer Lingus(BHD) Belfast11:05 AMScheduled
BA 2131 ^British Airways(BHD) Belfast11:05 AMScheduled
BA 778 British Airways(ARN) Stockholm11:05 AMScheduled
AA 6529 ^American Airlines(ARN) Stockholm11:05 AMScheduled
AY 5928 ^Finnair(ARN) Stockholm11:05 AMScheduled
IB 7503 ^Iberia(ARN) Stockholm11:05 AMScheduled
JL 6543 ^JAL(ARN) Stockholm11:05 AMScheduled
SN 2094 Brussels Airlines(BRU) Brussels11:05 AMScheduled
AC 6336 ^Air Canada(BRU) Brussels11:05 AMScheduled
LH 5595 ^Lufthansa(BRU) Brussels11:05 AMScheduled
SQ 2824 ^Singapore Airlines(BRU) Brussels11:05 AMScheduled
UA 9980 ^United Airlines(BRU) Brussels11:05 AMScheduled
VN 54 Vietnam Airlines(HAN) Hanoi11:10 AMScheduled
BA 213 British Airways(BOS) Boston11:15 AMScheduled
AA 6164 ^American Airlines(BOS) Boston11:15 AMScheduled
AY 5413 ^Finnair(BOS) Boston11:15 AMScheduled
EI 8913 ^Aer Lingus(BOS) Boston11:15 AMScheduled
IB 7401 ^Iberia(BOS) Boston11:15 AMScheduled
BA 644 British Airways(KLX) Kalamata11:15 AMScheduled
VS 19 Virgin Atlantic(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
AF 9649 ^Air France(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
DL 4390 ^Delta Air Lines(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
KL 4837 ^KLM(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
NZ 4161 ^Air New Zealand(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
SQ 2519 ^Singapore Airlines(SFO) San Francisco11:15 AMScheduled
BA 75 British Airways(LOS) Lagos11:20 AMScheduled
TP 1367 TAP Air Portugal(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
AD 7312 ^Azul(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
AI 7909 ^Air India(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
ET 1742 ^Ethiopian Airlines(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
EY 5820 ^Etihad Airways(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
S4 8625 ^Azores Airlines(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
SA 7011 ^South African Airways(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
SQ 2771 ^Singapore Airlines(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
UA 6862 ^United Airlines(LIS) Lisbon11:20 AMScheduled
BE 2104 Flybe(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
CX 9369 ^Cathay Pacific(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
EK 4115 ^Emirates(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
EY 7186 ^Etihad Airways(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
SQ 2472 ^Singapore Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
VS 8292 ^Virgin Atlantic(EDI) Edinburgh11:20 AMScheduled
BA 285 British Airways(SFO) San Francisco11:20 AMScheduled
AA 6188 ^American Airlines(SFO) San Francisco11:20 AMScheduled
AY 5525 ^Finnair(SFO) San Francisco11:20 AMScheduled
EI 8985 ^Aer Lingus(SFO) San Francisco11:20 AMScheduled
IB 7443 ^Iberia(SFO) San Francisco11:20 AMScheduled
BA 173 British Airways(JFK) New York11:20 AMScheduled Delayed
AA 6214 ^American Airlines(JFK) New York11:20 AMScheduled Delayed
AY 5473 ^Finnair(JFK) New York11:20 AMScheduled Delayed
EI 8873 ^Aer Lingus(JFK) New York11:20 AMScheduled Delayed
IB 7372 ^Iberia(JFK) New York11:20 AMScheduled Delayed
SQ 317 Singapore Airlines(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
AC 6299 ^Air Canada(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
LO 4041 ^LOT - Polish Airlines(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
NZ 3317 ^Air New Zealand(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
SK 8037 ^SAS(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
TP 8401 ^TAP Air Portugal(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
VA 5557 ^Virgin Australia(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
VS 7972 ^Virgin Atlantic(SIN) Singapore11:25 AMScheduled
BA 281 British Airways(LAX) Los Angeles11:25 AMScheduled
AA 6215 ^American Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles11:25 AMScheduled
AY 5469 ^Finnair(LAX) Los Angeles11:25 AMScheduled
IB 7439 ^Iberia(LAX) Los Angeles11:25 AMScheduled
UA 26 United Airlines(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
AC 4051 ^Air Canada(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
LH 7500 ^Lufthansa(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
LX 3046 ^SWISS(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
OS 7992 ^Austrian(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
SN 9024 ^Brussels Airlines(DEN) Denver11:25 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 344 British Airways(NCE) Nice11:30 AMScheduled
AA 6588 ^American Airlines(NCE) Nice11:30 AMScheduled
TK 1980 Turkish Airlines(ISL) Istanbul11:30 AMScheduled
AC 6700 ^Air Canada(ISL) Istanbul11:30 AMScheduled
UA 6919 ^United Airlines(ISL) Istanbul11:30 AMScheduled
IB 3169 Iberia(MAD) Madrid11:30 AMScheduled Delayed
AA 8810 ^American Airlines(MAD) Madrid11:30 AMScheduled Delayed
BA 7069 ^British Airways(MAD) Madrid11:30 AMScheduled Delayed
LH 905 Lufthansa(FRA) Frankfurt11:30 AMScheduled
OU 5481 ^Croatia Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt11:30 AMScheduled
VS 105 Virgin Atlantic(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
AF 9904 ^Air France(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
AM 7670 ^Aeromexico(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
DL 4348 ^Delta Air Lines(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
KL 4841 ^KLM(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
SQ 2515 ^Singapore Airlines(SEA) Seattle11:30 AMScheduled
BA 702 British Airways(VIE) Vienna11:35 AMScheduled
AA 6566 ^American Airlines(VIE) Vienna11:35 AMScheduled
BA 490 British Airways(GIB) Gibraltar11:35 AMScheduled
AA 6301 ^American Airlines(GIB) Gibraltar11:35 AMScheduled
BA 730 British Airways(GVA) Geneva11:35 AMScheduled
AA 6340 ^American Airlines(GVA) Geneva11:35 AMScheduled
VS 21 Virgin Atlantic(IAD) Dulles11:35 AMScheduled
AF 9651 ^Air France(IAD) Dulles11:35 AMScheduled
DL 4382 ^Delta Air Lines(IAD) Dulles11:35 AMScheduled
KL 4843 ^KLM(IAD) Dulles11:35 AMScheduled
SQ 2521 ^Singapore Airlines(IAD) Dulles11:35 AMScheduled
BA 7 British Airways(HND) Tokyo11:40 AMScheduled
JL 7082 ^JAL(HND) Tokyo11:40 AMScheduled
BA 842 British Airways(SPU) Split11:40 AMScheduled
BA 1442 British Airways(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
AA 6564 ^American Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
AY 5963 ^Finnair(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
IB 7572 ^Iberia(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
JL 6501 ^JAL(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
QF 3579 ^Qantas(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
QR 6269 ^Qatar Airways(EDI) Edinburgh11:40 AMScheduled
BA 434 British Airways(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
AA 6504 ^American Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
JL 7101 ^JAL(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
BA 662 British Airways(LCA) Larnaca11:45 AMScheduled
AA 6394 ^American Airlines(LCA) Larnaca11:45 AMScheduled
KL 1010 KLM(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
CZ 7645 ^China Southern Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
DL 9489 ^Delta Air Lines(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
GA 9237 ^Garuda Indonesia(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
MF 9306 ^Xiamen Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
VS 6917 ^Virgin Atlantic(AMS) Amsterdam11:45 AMScheduled
VS 137 Virgin Atlantic(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
AF 9916 ^Air France(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
AM 7663 ^Aeromexico(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
DL 4413 ^Delta Air Lines(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
KL 4821 ^KLM(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
SQ 2587 ^Singapore Airlines(JFK) New York11:50 AMScheduled
AA 173 American Airlines(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
AY 5783 ^Finnair(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
BA 1550 ^British Airways(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
GF 6673 ^Gulf Air(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
IB 4249 ^Iberia(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
LY 8129 ^El Al(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
MH 9423 ^Malaysia Airlines(RDU) Raleigh/Durham11:50 AMScheduled
BA 410 British Airways(IBZ) Ibiza11:50 AMScheduled
AF 1581 Air France(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
CZ 7086 ^China Southern Airlines(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
DL 8655 ^Delta Air Lines(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
MK 9511 ^Air Mauritius(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
UU 8581 ^Air Austral(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
VS 6715 ^Virgin Atlantic(CDG) Paris11:50 AMScheduled
BA 1482 British Airways(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
AA 6682 ^American Airlines(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
AY 5973 ^Finnair(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
IB 7588 ^Iberia(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
JL 7787 ^JAL(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
QR 5904 ^Qatar Airways(GLA) Glasgow11:55 AMScheduled
AH 2055 Air Algerie(ALG) Algiers11:55 AMScheduled
BA 638 British Airways(ATH) Athens11:55 AMScheduled
AA 6329 ^American Airlines(ATH) Athens11:55 AMScheduled

^ = codeshare flight

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