London, United Kingdom

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Live arrivals at LHR, flight status information for London Heathrow Airport, flight delay status, weather conditions in London.

LHR Arrivals, London Heathrow Airport Arrivals

Arrival times are given in local time. The time zone in London is GMT+01:00.

Local Time in London: 10:53 AM 2019-08-22

BA 172 British Airways(JFK) New York9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6212 American Airlines(JFK) New York9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5472 Finnair(JFK) New York9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8872 Aer Lingus(JFK) New York9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7371 Iberia(JFK) New York9:05 AMEn Route Delayed
ET 700 Ethiopian Airlines(ADD) Addis Ababa9:05 AMLanded
AC 6023 Air Canada(ADD) Addis Ababa9:05 AMLanded
NH 5354 ANA(ADD) Addis Ababa9:05 AMLanded
TP 8984 TAP Air Portugal(ADD) Addis Ababa9:05 AMLanded
UA 7210 United Airlines(ADD) Addis Ababa9:05 AMLanded
EI 380 Aer Lingus(SNN) Shannon9:05 AMLanded
AC 6916 Air Canada(SNN) Shannon9:05 AMLanded
BA 5940 British Airways(SNN) Shannon9:05 AMLanded
EY 5174 Etihad Airways(SNN) Shannon9:05 AMLanded
UA 7657 United Airlines(SNN) Shannon9:05 AMLanded
AA 38 American Airlines(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
AY 4028 Finnair(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
BA 1529 British Airways(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
GF 6682 Gulf Air(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
IB 4251 Iberia(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
LY 8080 El Al(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
MH 9402 Malaysia Airlines(MIA) Miami9:05 AMLanded Delayed
EI 154 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin9:05 AMLanded Delayed
AC 6904 Air Canada(DUB) Dublin9:05 AMLanded Delayed
BA 5954 British Airways(DUB) Dublin9:05 AMLanded Delayed
EY 7925 Etihad Airways(DUB) Dublin9:05 AMLanded Delayed
UA 7627 United Airlines(DUB) Dublin9:05 AMLanded Delayed
BA 831 British Airways(DUB) Dublin9:10 AMLanded
AA 6765 American Airlines(DUB) Dublin9:10 AMLanded
EI 8331 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin9:10 AMLanded
BA 202 British Airways(BOS) Boston9:10 AMLanded
AA 6200 American Airlines(BOS) Boston9:10 AMLanded
AY 5502 Finnair(BOS) Boston9:10 AMLanded
EI 8902 Aer Lingus(BOS) Boston9:10 AMLanded
IB 7394 Iberia(BOS) Boston9:10 AMLanded
BA 94 British Airways(YUL) Montreal9:10 AMLanded Delayed
AA 6222 American Airlines(YUL) Montreal9:10 AMLanded Delayed
AY 5994 Finnair(YUL) Montreal9:10 AMLanded Delayed
EI 8794 Aer Lingus(YUL) Montreal9:10 AMLanded Delayed
IB 7338 Iberia(YUL) Montreal9:10 AMLanded Delayed
AY 1331 Finnair(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
AA 8999 American Airlines(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
BA 6031 British Airways(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
CX 1410 Cathay Pacific(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
QF 4163 Qantas(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
UL 3200 SriLankan Airlines(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
VN 3693 Vietnam Airlines(HEL) Helsinki9:10 AMLanded
VS 46 Virgin Atlantic(JFK) New York9:15 AMLanded Delayed
AF 9664 Air France(JFK) New York9:15 AMLanded Delayed
DL 4375 Delta Air Lines(JFK) New York9:15 AMLanded Delayed
KL 4827 KLM(JFK) New York9:15 AMLanded Delayed
SQ 2546 Singapore Airlines(JFK) New York9:15 AMLanded Delayed
BA 583 British Airways(MXP) Milan9:15 AMLanded
AA 6717 American Airlines(MXP) Milan9:15 AMLanded
BA 599 British Airways(VCE) Venice9:15 AMLanded
AA 6258 American Airlines(VCE) Venice9:15 AMLanded
BA 699 British Airways(VIE) Vienna9:15 AMLanded
AA 6642 American Airlines(VIE) Vienna9:15 AMLanded
JL 7864 JAL(VIE) Vienna9:15 AMLanded
BA 761 British Airways(OSL) Oslo9:15 AMLanded Delayed
AA 6628 American Airlines(OSL) Oslo9:15 AMLanded Delayed
AY 5901 Finnair(OSL) Oslo9:15 AMLanded Delayed
IB 7492 Iberia(OSL) Oslo9:15 AMLanded Delayed
JL 7852 JAL(OSL) Oslo9:15 AMLanded Delayed
UA 16 United Airlines(EWR) Newark9:20 AMLanded Delayed
AC 5281 Air Canada(EWR) Newark9:20 AMLanded Delayed
LH 7630 Lufthansa(EWR) Newark9:20 AMLanded Delayed
LX 3059 SWISS(EWR) Newark9:20 AMLanded Delayed
OS 7800 Austrian(EWR) Newark9:20 AMLanded Delayed
VS 104 Virgin Atlantic(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
AF 9903 Air France(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
AM 7677 Aeromexico(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
DL 4365 Delta Air Lines(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
KL 4801 KLM(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
SQ 2514 Singapore Airlines(ATL) Atlanta9:20 AMLanded
SK 803 SAS(OSL) Oslo9:20 AMLanded
AC 9954 Air Canada(OSL) Oslo9:20 AMLanded
EY 7472 Etihad Airways(OSL) Oslo9:20 AMLanded
SQ 2613 Singapore Airlines(OSL) Oslo9:20 AMLanded
UA 7037 United Airlines(OSL) Oslo9:20 AMLanded
BA 1491 British Airways(GLA) Glasgow9:20 AMLanded
AA 6673 American Airlines(GLA) Glasgow9:20 AMLanded
IB 7731 Iberia(GLA) Glasgow9:20 AMLanded
QR 5968 Qatar Airways(GLA) Glasgow9:20 AMLanded
LO 281 LOT - Polish Airlines(WAW) Warsaw9:25 AMLanded
AC 6753 Air Canada(WAW) Warsaw9:25 AMLanded
AI 7761 Air India(WAW) Warsaw9:25 AMLanded
SQ 2371 Singapore Airlines(WAW) Warsaw9:25 AMLanded
UA 6845 United Airlines(WAW) Warsaw9:25 AMLanded
AA 194 American Airlines(PHX) Phoenix9:25 AMLanded
AY 4180 Finnair(PHX) Phoenix9:25 AMLanded
BA 1527 British Airways(PHX) Phoenix9:25 AMLanded
IB 4856 Iberia(PHX) Phoenix9:25 AMLanded
SU 2580 Aeroflot(SVO) Moscow9:30 AMLanded
GA 8991 Garuda Indonesia(SVO) Moscow9:30 AMLanded
BA 543 British Airways(BLQ) Bologna9:30 AMLanded
AA 6617 American Airlines(BLQ) Bologna9:30 AMLanded
BA 228 British Airways(BWI) Baltimore9:30 AMCancelled
AA 6173 American Airlines(BWI) Baltimore9:30 AMCancelled
AY 5428 Finnair(BWI) Baltimore9:30 AMCancelled
EI 8928 Aer Lingus(BWI) Baltimore9:30 AMCancelled
IB 7412 Iberia(BWI) Baltimore9:30 AMCancelled
BA 771 British Airways(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
AA 6525 American Airlines(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
AY 5937 Finnair(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
CX 7112 Cathay Pacific(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
IB 7499 Iberia(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
JL 7758 JAL(ARN) Stockholm9:30 AMLanded
BA 885 British Airways(OTP) Bucharest9:30 AMLanded
AA 6358 American Airlines(OTP) Bucharest9:30 AMLanded
JL 7829 JAL(OTP) Bucharest9:30 AMLanded
BA 188 British Airways(EWR) Newark9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6151 American Airlines(EWR) Newark9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5488 Finnair(EWR) Newark9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8888 Aer Lingus(EWR) Newark9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7383 Iberia(EWR) Newark9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 114 British Airways(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6135 American Airlines(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5514 Finnair(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8814 Aer Lingus(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7352 Iberia(JFK) New York9:35 AMEn Route Delayed
SK 525 SAS(ARN) Stockholm9:35 AMLanded Delayed
EY 7451 Etihad Airways(ARN) Stockholm9:35 AMLanded Delayed
TG 6224 Thai Airways International(ARN) Stockholm9:35 AMLanded Delayed
UA 27 United Airlines(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 4050 Air Canada(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 7772 Lufthansa(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
LX 3057 SWISS(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
OS 7991 Austrian(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
SN 9023 Brussels Airlines(DEN) Denver9:40 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 902 Lufthansa(FRA) Frankfurt9:40 AMLanded
UA 8856 United Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt9:40 AMLanded
BA 1461 British Airways(EDI) Edinburgh9:40 AMLanded
AA 6299 American Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh9:40 AMLanded
IB 7583 Iberia(EDI) Edinburgh9:40 AMLanded
QR 6291 Qatar Airways(EDI) Edinburgh9:40 AMLanded
KM 100 Air Malta(MLA) Malta9:45 AMLanded Delayed
EY 7294 Etihad Airways(MLA) Malta9:45 AMLanded Delayed
IB 3162 Iberia(MAD) Madrid9:45 AMLanded
AA 8816 American Airlines(MAD) Madrid9:45 AMLanded
BA 7054 British Airways(MAD) Madrid9:45 AMLanded
LA 5409 LATAM Airlines(MAD) Madrid9:45 AMLanded
LH 2472 Lufthansa(MUC) Munich9:45 AMLanded
UA 8885 United Airlines(MUC) Munich9:45 AMLanded
BA 1387 British Airways(MAN) Manchester9:50 AMLanded
AA 6365 American Airlines(MAN) Manchester9:50 AMLanded
CX 1230 Cathay Pacific(MAN) Manchester9:50 AMLanded
IB 7553 Iberia(MAN) Manchester9:50 AMLanded
QR 6255 Qatar Airways(MAN) Manchester9:50 AMLanded
BA 551 British Airways(FCO) Rome9:50 AMLanded
AA 6697 American Airlines(FCO) Rome9:50 AMLanded
TK 1979 Turkish Airlines(ISL) Istanbul9:50 AMLanded
AC 6697 Air Canada(ISL) Istanbul9:50 AMLanded
MXD 9203 Malindo Air(ISL) Istanbul9:50 AMLanded
NZ 4852 Air New Zealand(ISL) Istanbul9:50 AMLanded
UA 6915 United Airlines(ISL) Istanbul9:50 AMLanded
BA 250 British Airways(SCL) Santiago9:55 AMLanded
IB 7716 Iberia(SCL) Santiago9:55 AMLanded
BA 190 British Airways(AUS) Austin10:00 AMLanded
AA 6236 American Airlines(AUS) Austin10:00 AMLanded
AY 5410 Finnair(AUS) Austin10:00 AMLanded
EI 8890 Aer Lingus(AUS) Austin10:00 AMLanded
IB 7385 Iberia(AUS) Austin10:00 AMLanded
VS 12 Virgin Atlantic(BOS) Boston10:00 AMLanded
AF 9646 Air France(BOS) Boston10:00 AMLanded
DL 4379 Delta Air Lines(BOS) Boston10:00 AMLanded
KL 4805 KLM(BOS) Boston10:00 AMLanded
SQ 2512 Singapore Airlines(BOS) Boston10:00 AMLanded
BA 98 British Airways(YYZ) Toronto10:00 AMLanded Delayed
AA 6208 American Airlines(YYZ) Toronto10:00 AMLanded Delayed
AY 5998 Finnair(YYZ) Toronto10:00 AMLanded Delayed
EI 8798 Aer Lingus(YYZ) Toronto10:00 AMLanded Delayed
IB 7340 Iberia(YYZ) Toronto10:00 AMLanded Delayed
AC 850 Air Canada(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
A3 3072 Aegean Airlines(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
AI 7314 Air India(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
LH 6847 Lufthansa(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
ME 4512 Middle East Airlines(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
OS 8238 Austrian(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
SA 7315 South African Airways(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
TP 8269 TAP Air Portugal(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
UA 8586 United Airlines(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
UL 2850 SriLankan Airlines(YYC) Calgary10:00 AMLanded
EI 156 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin10:00 AMLanded
BA 5956 British Airways(DUB) Dublin10:00 AMLanded
EY 7979 Etihad Airways(DUB) Dublin10:00 AMLanded
BA 499 British Airways(LIS) Lisbon10:05 AMLanded
AA 6402 American Airlines(LIS) Lisbon10:05 AMLanded
CX 7202 Cathay Pacific(LIS) Lisbon10:05 AMLanded
JL 7792 JAL(LIS) Lisbon10:05 AMLanded
QR 5915 Qatar Airways(LIS) Lisbon10:05 AMLanded
VS 2 Virgin Atlantic(EWR) Newark10:05 AMLanded
AF 6751 Air France(EWR) Newark10:05 AMLanded
DL 4407 Delta Air Lines(EWR) Newark10:05 AMLanded
KL 4819 KLM(EWR) Newark10:05 AMLanded
SQ 2502 Singapore Airlines(EWR) Newark10:05 AMLanded
BA 391 British Airways(BRU) Brussels10:05 AMLanded
AA 6424 American Airlines(BRU) Brussels10:05 AMLanded
JL 7770 JAL(BRU) Brussels10:05 AMLanded
BA 631 British Airways(ATH) Athens10:05 AMLanded
AA 6323 American Airlines(ATH) Athens10:05 AMLanded
UA 940 United Airlines(EWR) Newark10:10 AMDiverted
AC 5876 Air Canada(EWR) Newark10:10 AMDiverted
LH 7632 Lufthansa(EWR) Newark10:10 AMDiverted
LX 3043 SWISS(EWR) Newark10:10 AMDiverted
OS 7794 Austrian(EWR) Newark10:10 AMDiverted
UA 940 United Airlines(EWR) Newark10:10 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 5876 Air Canada(EWR) Newark10:10 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 7632 Lufthansa(EWR) Newark10:10 AMEn Route Delayed
LX 3043 SWISS(EWR) Newark10:10 AMEn Route Delayed
OS 7794 Austrian(EWR) Newark10:10 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 282 British Airways(LAX) Los Angeles10:10 AMLanded
AA 6185 American Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles10:10 AMLanded
AY 5522 Finnair(LAX) Los Angeles10:10 AMLanded
EI 8982 Aer Lingus(LAX) Los Angeles10:10 AMLanded
IB 7440 Iberia(LAX) Los Angeles10:10 AMLanded
VS 10 Virgin Atlantic(JFK) New York10:15 AMEn Route Delayed
AF 6759 Air France(JFK) New York10:15 AMEn Route Delayed
DL 4377 Delta Air Lines(JFK) New York10:15 AMEn Route Delayed
KL 4828 KLM(JFK) New York10:15 AMEn Route Delayed
SQ 2510 Singapore Airlines(JFK) New York10:15 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 930 Aer Lingus(BHD) Belfast10:15 AMLanded
BA 2130 British Airways(BHD) Belfast10:15 AMLanded
EY 5187 Etihad Airways(BHD) Belfast10:15 AMLanded
SN 2093 Brussels Airlines(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
AC 6337 Air Canada(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
HU 8558 Hainan Airlines(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
LH 5594 Lufthansa(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
SQ 2823 Singapore Airlines(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
UA 9986 United Airlines(BRU) Brussels10:15 AMLanded
AA 728 American Airlines(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5667 Finnair(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1587 British Airways(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 4664 Iberia(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
LY 8183 El Al(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
MH 9529 Malaysia Airlines(PHL) Philadelphia10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 214 British Airways(BOS) Boston10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6165 American Airlines(BOS) Boston10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5414 Finnair(BOS) Boston10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8914 Aer Lingus(BOS) Boston10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7402 Iberia(BOS) Boston10:20 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1325 British Airways(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
AA 6650 American Airlines(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
CX 1218 Cathay Pacific(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
IB 7539 Iberia(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
JL 7846 JAL(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
QR 5980 Qatar Airways(NCL) Newcastle10:20 AMLanded
TP 1354 TAP Air Portugal(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
A3 1735 Aegean Airlines(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
AD 7329 Azul(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
AI 7906 Air India(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
CA 7054 Air China(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
EY 5842 Etihad Airways(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
LY 9014 El Al(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
MS 9441 EgyptAir(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
SQ 2772 Singapore Airlines(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
UA 6863 United Airlines(LIS) Lisbon10:20 AMLanded
BA 208 British Airways(MIA) Miami10:25 AMLanded
AA 6161 American Airlines(MIA) Miami10:25 AMLanded
AY 5508 Finnair(MIA) Miami10:25 AMLanded
EI 8908 Aer Lingus(MIA) Miami10:25 AMLanded
IB 7398 Iberia(MIA) Miami10:25 AMLanded
BA 170 British Airways(PIT) Pittsburgh10:25 AMLanded
AA 6122 American Airlines(PIT) Pittsburgh10:25 AMLanded
AY 5422 Finnair(PIT) Pittsburgh10:25 AMLanded
IB 7785 Iberia(PIT) Pittsburgh10:25 AMLanded
BA 222 British Airways(BNA) Nashville10:25 AMLanded
AA 6220 American Airlines(BNA) Nashville10:25 AMLanded
AY 5404 Finnair(BNA) Nashville10:25 AMLanded
IB 7759 Iberia(BNA) Nashville10:25 AMLanded
AC 864 Air Canada(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
A3 3089 Aegean Airlines(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
AI 7306 Air India(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
LH 6839 Lufthansa(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
ME 4506 Middle East Airlines(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
MS 9601 EgyptAir(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
OS 8240 Austrian(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
SA 7317 South African Airways(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
TP 8263 TAP Air Portugal(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
UA 8296 United Airlines(YUL) Montreal10:25 AMLanded
UA 924 United Airlines(IAD) Dulles10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 5350 Air Canada(IAD) Dulles10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
LH 9267 Lufthansa(IAD) Dulles10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
LX 3061 SWISS(IAD) Dulles10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
OS 7808 Austrian(IAD) Dulles10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 78 American Airlines(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
AY 5782 Finnair(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
BA 1521 British Airways(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
GF 4343 Gulf Air(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
IB 4204 Iberia(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
LY 8002 El Al(DFW) Dallas10:30 AMLanded
IB 3160 Iberia(MAD) Madrid10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 8805 American Airlines(MAD) Madrid10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 7068 British Airways(MAD) Madrid10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
JL 7838 JAL(MAD) Madrid10:30 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 429 British Airways(AMS) Amsterdam10:30 AMLanded
AA 6435 American Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam10:30 AMLanded
JL 7100 JAL(AMS) Amsterdam10:30 AMLanded
BA 833 British Airways(DUB) Dublin10:30 AMCancelled
AA 6767 American Airlines(DUB) Dublin10:30 AMCancelled
EI 8333 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin10:30 AMCancelled
BE 2103 Flybe(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
AI 6124 Air India(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
CX 9362 Cathay Pacific(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
EK 4114 Emirates(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
EY 6117 Etihad Airways(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
VS 8291 Virgin Atlantic(EDI) Edinburgh10:35 AMLanded
VS 8 Virgin Atlantic(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
AF 6757 Air France(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
AM 7660 Aeromexico(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
DL 4385 Delta Air Lines(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
KL 4810 KLM(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
SQ 2508 Singapore Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
VA 5352 Virgin Australia(LAX) Los Angeles10:35 AMLanded
AF 1580 Air France(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
AM 6019 Aeromexico(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
CZ 7013 China Southern Airlines(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
DL 8671 Delta Air Lines(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
G3 5114 Gol(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
KQ 3076 Kenya Airways(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
MK 9416 Air Mauritius(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
UU 8580 Air Austral(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
VN 3644 Vietnam Airlines(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
VS 6699 Virgin Atlantic(CDG) Paris10:35 AMLanded
BA 292 British Airways(IAD) Dulles10:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6192 American Airlines(IAD) Dulles10:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5532 Finnair(IAD) Dulles10:35 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8992 Aer Lingus(IAD) Dulles10:35 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7448 Iberia(IAD) Dulles10:35 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 166 British Airways(TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo10:35 AMEn Route
LH 904 Lufthansa(FRA) Frankfurt10:40 AMEn Route
OU 5480 Croatia Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt10:40 AMEn Route
UA 8811 United Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt10:40 AMEn Route
BA 296 British Airways(ORD) Chicago10:45 AMEn Route
AA 6196 American Airlines(ORD) Chicago10:45 AMEn Route
AY 5536 Finnair(ORD) Chicago10:45 AMEn Route
EI 8996 Aer Lingus(ORD) Chicago10:45 AMEn Route
IB 7452 Iberia(ORD) Chicago10:45 AMEn Route
BA 361 British Airways(LYS) Lyon10:45 AMLanded
AA 6698 American Airlines(LYS) Lyon10:45 AMLanded
CX 7114 Cathay Pacific(LYS) Lyon10:45 AMLanded
KL 1009 KLM(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
CI 9365 China Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
CZ 7846 China Southern Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
DL 9642 Delta Air Lines(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
GA 9490 Garuda Indonesia(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
KQ 1009 Kenya Airways(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
MF 9305 Xiamen Airlines(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
VS 6994 Virgin Atlantic(AMS) Amsterdam10:45 AMLanded
BA 1423 British Airways(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
AA 6396 American Airlines(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
EI 8313 Aer Lingus(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
IB 7567 Iberia(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
JL 7126 JAL(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
QF 3548 Qantas(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
QR 5994 Qatar Airways(BHD) Belfast10:45 AMLanded
DL 50 Delta Air Lines(SLC) Salt Lake City10:50 AMEn Route
AF 8617 Air France(SLC) Salt Lake City10:50 AMEn Route
KL 6049 KLM(SLC) Salt Lake City10:50 AMEn Route
VS 4020 Virgin Atlantic(SLC) Salt Lake City10:50 AMEn Route
BA 1439 British Airways(EDI) Edinburgh10:50 AMLanded
AA 6376 American Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh10:50 AMLanded
IB 7725 Iberia(EDI) Edinburgh10:50 AMLanded
QR 6282 Qatar Airways(EDI) Edinburgh10:50 AMLanded
AA 104 American Airlines(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 4016 Finnair(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1515 British Airways(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
GF 6604 Gulf Air(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 4220 Iberia(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
LY 8053 El Al(JFK) New York10:50 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1477 British Airways(GLA) Glasgow10:50 AMCancelled
AA 6437 American Airlines(GLA) Glasgow10:50 AMCancelled
IB 7729 Iberia(GLA) Glasgow10:50 AMCancelled
JL 7786 JAL(GLA) Glasgow10:50 AMCancelled
QR 5963 Qatar Airways(GLA) Glasgow10:50 AMCancelled
BA 1389 British Airways(MAN) Manchester10:55 AMEn Route
AA 6620 American Airlines(MAN) Manchester10:55 AMEn Route
IB 7555 Iberia(MAN) Manchester10:55 AMEn Route
QR 6256 Qatar Airways(MAN) Manchester10:55 AMEn Route
BA 675 British Airways(ISL) Istanbul10:55 AMLanded
AA 6612 American Airlines(ISL) Istanbul10:55 AMLanded
AH 2054 Air Algerie(ALG) Algiers11:00 AMEn Route
BA 725 British Airways(GVA) Geneva11:00 AMEn Route
AA 6335 American Airlines(GVA) Geneva11:00 AMEn Route
BA 307 British Airways(CDG) Paris11:00 AMEn Route
AA 6699 American Airlines(CDG) Paris11:00 AMEn Route
BA 284 British Airways(SFO) San Francisco11:00 AMEn Route
AA 6187 American Airlines(SFO) San Francisco11:00 AMEn Route
AY 5524 Finnair(SFO) San Francisco11:00 AMEn Route
EI 8984 Aer Lingus(SFO) San Francisco11:00 AMEn Route
IB 7442 Iberia(SFO) San Francisco11:00 AMEn Route
BA 182 British Airways(JFK) New York11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6145 American Airlines(JFK) New York11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5482 Finnair(JFK) New York11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8882 Aer Lingus(JFK) New York11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7379 Iberia(JFK) New York11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 732 American Airlines(CLT) Charlotte11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5675 Finnair(CLT) Charlotte11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1597 British Airways(CLT) Charlotte11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 4668 Iberia(CLT) Charlotte11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
LY 8187 El Al(CLT) Charlotte11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 854 Air Canada(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
AI 7318 Air India(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
LH 6841 Lufthansa(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
NZ 4824 Air New Zealand(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
OS 8214 Austrian(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
UA 8582 United Airlines(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
UL 2854 SriLankan Airlines(YVR) Vancouver11:05 AMEn Route
DL 32 Delta Air Lines(ATL) Atlanta11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
AF 3553 Air France(ATL) Atlanta11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
KL 6069 KLM(ATL) Atlanta11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
VS 4010 Virgin Atlantic(ATL) Atlanta11:05 AMEn Route Delayed
DL 3 Delta Air Lines(JFK) New York11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
AF 3662 Air France(JFK) New York11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
KL 6103 KLM(JFK) New York11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
VS 4030 Virgin Atlantic(JFK) New York11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 158 Aer Lingus(DUB) Dublin11:10 AMEn Route
AC 6906 Air Canada(DUB) Dublin11:10 AMEn Route
BA 5958 British Airways(DUB) Dublin11:10 AMEn Route
EY 7894 Etihad Airways(DUB) Dublin11:10 AMEn Route
UA 7630 United Airlines(DUB) Dublin11:10 AMEn Route
BA 1305 British Airways(ABZ) Aberdeen11:10 AMEn Route
AA 6690 American Airlines(ABZ) Aberdeen11:10 AMEn Route
IB 7525 Iberia(ABZ) Aberdeen11:10 AMEn Route
QF 3522 Qantas(ABZ) Aberdeen11:10 AMEn Route
QR 6009 Qatar Airways(ABZ) Aberdeen11:10 AMEn Route
DL 18 Delta Air Lines(DTW) Detroit11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
AF 3665 Air France(DTW) Detroit11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
KL 6078 KLM(DTW) Detroit11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
VS 4018 Virgin Atlantic(DTW) Detroit11:10 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 711 British Airways(ZRH) Zurich11:15 AMEn Route
AA 6470 American Airlines(ZRH) Zurich11:15 AMEn Route
ME 201 Middle East Airlines(BEY) Beirut11:15 AMEn Route
AC 6527 Air Canada(BEY) Beirut11:15 AMEn Route
A3 600 Aegean Airlines(ATH) Athens11:15 AMEn Route
AC 6033 Air Canada(ATH) Athens11:15 AMEn Route
TP 7442 TAP Air Portugal(ATH) Athens11:15 AMEn Route
BA 148 British Airways(BEY) Beirut11:20 AMEn Route
IB 7365 Iberia(BEY) Beirut11:20 AMEn Route
UA 938 United Airlines(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
AC 5368 Air Canada(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
LH 9355 Lufthansa(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
LX 3053 SWISS(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
OS 7854 Austrian(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
SN 9088 Brussels Airlines(ORD) Chicago11:20 AMEn Route
BA 965 British Airways(HAM) Hamburg11:25 AMEn Route
AA 6405 American Airlines(HAM) Hamburg11:25 AMEn Route
JL 7166 JAL(HAM) Hamburg11:25 AMEn Route
QR 5959 Qatar Airways(HAM) Hamburg11:25 AMEn Route
BA 937 British Airways(DUS) Dusseldorf11:25 AMEn Route
AA 6364 American Airlines(DUS) Dusseldorf11:25 AMEn Route
JL 7778 JAL(DUS) Dusseldorf11:25 AMEn Route
LX 318 SWISS(ZRH) Zurich11:25 AMEn Route
AC 6838 Air Canada(ZRH) Zurich11:25 AMEn Route
UA 9758 United Airlines(ZRH) Zurich11:25 AMEn Route
BA 280 British Airways(LAX) Los Angeles11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6132 American Airlines(LAX) Los Angeles11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5470 Finnair(LAX) Los Angeles11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7438 Iberia(LAX) Los Angeles11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 226 British Airways(ATL) Atlanta11:30 AMEn Route
AA 6171 American Airlines(ATL) Atlanta11:30 AMEn Route
AY 5426 Finnair(ATL) Atlanta11:30 AMEn Route
EI 8926 Aer Lingus(ATL) Atlanta11:30 AMEn Route
IB 7410 Iberia(ATL) Atlanta11:30 AMEn Route
AI 131 Air India(BOM) Mumbai11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
AC 6391 Air Canada(BOM) Mumbai11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
TP 7039 TAP Air Portugal(BOM) Mumbai11:30 AMEn Route Delayed
EW 9466 Eurowings(DUS) Dusseldorf11:30 AMEn Route
AC 6963 Air Canada(DUS) Dusseldorf11:30 AMEn Route
LH 5354 Lufthansa(DUS) Dusseldorf11:30 AMEn Route
UA 9625 United Airlines(DUS) Dusseldorf11:30 AMEn Route
BA 473 British Airways(BCN) Barcelona11:35 AMEn Route
AA 6286 American Airlines(BCN) Barcelona11:35 AMEn Route
IB 7475 Iberia(BCN) Barcelona11:35 AMEn Route
JL 6510 JAL(BCN) Barcelona11:35 AMEn Route
BA 393 British Airways(BRU) Brussels11:35 AMScheduled
AA 6399 American Airlines(BRU) Brussels11:35 AMScheduled
BA 218 British Airways(DEN) Denver11:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AA 6169 American Airlines(DEN) Denver11:35 AMEn Route Delayed
AY 5418 Finnair(DEN) Denver11:35 AMEn Route Delayed
EI 8918 Aer Lingus(DEN) Denver11:35 AMEn Route Delayed
IB 7406 Iberia(DEN) Denver11:35 AMEn Route Delayed
BA 1441 British Airways(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
AA 6404 American Airlines(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
AY 5942 Finnair(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
IB 7571 Iberia(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
QF 3560 Qantas(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
QR 6283 Qatar Airways(EDI) Edinburgh11:35 AMEn Route
UA 5 United Airlines(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
AC 5972 Air Canada(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
LH 7620 Lufthansa(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
LX 3051 SWISS(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
OS 7810 Austrian(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
SN 9079 Brussels Airlines(IAH) Houston11:35 AMEn Route
BA 196 British Airways(IAH) Houston11:40 AMEn Route
AA 6157 American Airlines(IAH) Houston11:40 AMEn Route
AY 5496 Finnair(IAH) Houston11:40 AMEn Route
EI 8896 Aer Lingus(IAH) Houston11:40 AMEn Route
IB 7391 Iberia(IAH) Houston11:40 AMEn Route
BA 146 British Airways(AMM) Amman11:40 AMEn Route
NZ 2 Air New Zealand(LAX) Los Angeles11:45 AMEn Route
BA 949 British Airways(MUC) Munich11:45 AMEn Route
AA 6476 American Airlines(MUC) Munich11:45 AMEn Route
FI 450 Icelandair(KEF) Reykjavik11:45 AMEn Route
BA 903 British Airways(FRA) Frankfurt11:50 AMEn Route
AA 6579 American Airlines(FRA) Frankfurt11:50 AMEn Route
AC 858 Air Canada(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
A3 3087 Aegean Airlines(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
AI 7316 Air India(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
ET 1141 Ethiopian Airlines(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
LH 6559 Lufthansa(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
MS 9619 EgyptAir(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
OS 8288 Austrian(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
SA 7301 South African Airways(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
TP 8277 TAP Air Portugal(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
UA 8412 United Airlines(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
UL 2858 SriLankan Airlines(YYZ) Toronto11:50 AMEn Route
BA 36 British Airways(MAA) Chennai11:50 AMEn Route
AA 6670 American Airlines(MAA) Chennai11:50 AMEn Route
CA 787 Air China(PEK) Beijing11:50 AMEn Route
TP 8775 TAP Air Portugal(PEK) Beijing11:50 AMEn Route
VS 7935 Virgin Atlantic(PEK) Beijing11:50 AMEn Route
BA 977 British Airways(HAJ) Hanover11:55 AMEn Route
AA 6777 American Airlines(HAJ) Hanover11:55 AMEn Route
JL 7826 JAL(HAJ) Hanover11:55 AMEn Route
BA 813 British Airways(CPH) Copenhagen11:55 AMEn Route
AA 6387 American Airlines(CPH) Copenhagen11:55 AMEn Route
AY 5925 Finnair(CPH) Copenhagen11:55 AMEn Route
RJ 3012 Royal Jordanian(CPH) Copenhagen11:55 AMEn Route

^ = codeshare flight

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