London Gatwick Airport (LGW)

London, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 51.1481
Longitude -0.190278
Elevation: 202 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LGW

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
D8* 2832Norwegian Air International(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:50 PM(TRD) Trondheim
U2 8667easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:45 PM(ALC) Alicante
BA 2776British Airways(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:45 PM(JER) Jersey
FR 117Ryanair(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:45 PM(DUB) Dublin
U2 8359easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:40 PM(NCE) Nice
BA 5913British Airways(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:40 PM(DUB) Dublin
EI 243Aer Lingus(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:40 PM(DUB) Dublin
U2 8885easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:35 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
TOM 58Thomson(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:35 PM(MRU) Mauritius
U2 8197easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:35 PM(MXP) Milan
U2 8478easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:30 PM(GVA) Geneva
U2 8225easyJet(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:30 PM(VLC) Valencia
BA 2242British Airways(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:30 PM(RIX) Riga
EY 8118Etihad Airways(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:30 PM(RIX) Riga
BT 654Air Baltic(LGW) London Gatwick Airport5:30 PM(RIX) Riga

Last added routes from LGW

Route Origin Destination
LGW-KLU(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(KLU) Klagenfurt AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Klagenfurt am W├Ârthersee, AT (KLU)
LGW-TPE(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(TPE) Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Taipei, TW (TPE)
LGW-NUE(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(NUE) Nuremberg AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Nuremberg, DE (NUE)
LGW-LRM(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(LRM) Casa De Campo International AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to La Romana, DO (LRM)
LGW-GYD(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(GYD) Heydar Aliyev International AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Baku, AZ (GYD)
LGW-KBV(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(KBV) Krabi AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Krabi, TH (KBV)
LGW-PQC(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(PQC) Phu Quoc International AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Phu Quoc Island, VN (PQC)
LGW-BRU(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(BRU) Brussels AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
LGW-BRS(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(BRS) Bristol AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Bristol, GB (BRS)
LGW-SIN(LGW) London Gatwick Airport(SIN) Singapore Changi AirportLondon, GB (LGW) to Singapore, SG (SIN)

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