Liège Airport (LGG)

Liège, Belgium

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Latitude: 50.6374
Longitude 5.44322
Elevation: 659 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LGG

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
LY 842El Al(LGG) Liège Airport10:25 PM(TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo
RU 126AirBridgeCargo(LGG) Liège Airport8:40 PM(DME) Moscow
RU 124AirBridgeCargo(LGG) Liège Airport4:30 PM(MXP) Milan
UW* 8805Uni-Top Airlines(LGG) Liège Airport2:30 PM(KRW) Turkmanbashi
UW* 8002Uni-Top Airlines(LGG) Liège Airport1:35 PM(WUH) Wuhan
ET 3725Ethiopian Airlines(LGG) Liège Airport1:30 PM(LOS) Lagos
QR 8751Qatar Airways(LGG) Liège Airport9:50 AM(OSL) Oslo
5C 942C.A.L. Cargo Airlines(LGG) Liège Airport8:30 AM(LCA) Larnaca
JAF 1161TUI fly(LGG) Liège Airport6:35 AM(ALC) Alicante
ET 3405Ethiopian Airlines(LGG) Liège Airport6:30 AM(SAW) Istanbul
QR 8172Qatar Airways(LGG) Liège Airport6:25 AM(DOH) Doha
FI 771Icelandair(LGG) Liège Airport2:30 AM(KEF) Reykjavik
QR 8917Qatar Airways(LGG) Liège Airport1:25 AM(DOH) Doha
RU 742AirBridgeCargo(LGG) Liège Airport12:50 AM(SVO) Moscow
LY 841El Al(LGG) Liège Airport12:45 AM(JFK) New York

Last added routes from LGG

Route Origin Destination
LGG-LEJ(LGG) Liège Airport(LEJ) Leipzig/Halle AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Leipzig, DE (LEJ)
LGG-WUH(LGG) Liège Airport(WUH) Wuhan Tianhe International AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Wuhan, CN (WUH)
LGG-KRW(LGG) Liège Airport(KRW) Turkmenbashi AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Krasnovodsk, TM (KRW)
LGG-KYA(LGG) Liège Airport(KYA) Konya AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Konya, TR (KYA)
LGG-HGH(LGG) Liège Airport(HGH) Hangzhou Xiaoshan International AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Hangzhou, CN (HGH)
LGG-GRU(LGG) Liège Airport(GRU) Guarulhos - Governador André Franco Montoro InternLiège, BE (LGG) to São Paulo, BR (GRU)
LGG-URC(LGG) Liège Airport(URC) Ürümqi Diwopu International AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Ürümqi, CN (URC)
LGG-GKE(LGG) Liège Airport(GKE) Geilenkirchen Air BaseLiège, BE (LGG) to GKE
LGG-(LGG) Liège Airport() Total Rf HeliportLiège, BE (LGG) to Bensalem, US ()
LGG-BGY(LGG) Liège Airport(BGY) Il Caravaggio International AirportLiège, BE (LGG) to Bergamo, IT (BGY)

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