Lomé-Tokoin Airport (LFW)

Lomé, Togo

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Latitude: 6.16561
Longitude 1.25451
Elevation: 72 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LFW

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
DL 8495Delta Air Lines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport11:00 PM(CDG) Paris
KL 2275KLM(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport11:00 PM(CDG) Paris
AF 861Air France(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport11:00 PM(CDG) Paris
UA 9936United Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport9:35 PM(ACC) Accra
SN 278Brussels Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport9:35 PM(ACC) Accra
OJ 1180Overland Airways(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport8:00 PM(LOS) Lagos
ET 1023Ethiopian Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:30 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
KP 14ASKY(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:30 PM(ABJ) Abidjan
ET 1013Ethiopian Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:15 PM(LBV) Libreville
KP 40ASKY(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:15 PM(LBV) Libreville
ET 1009Ethiopian Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:10 PM(ABV) Abuja
KP 32ASKY(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:10 PM(ABV) Abuja
ET 1052Ethiopian Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:05 PM(LOS) Lagos
KP 36ASKY(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:05 PM(LOS) Lagos
ET 1046Ethiopian Airlines(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport1:00 PM(DSS) Dakar

Last added routes from LFW

Route Origin Destination
LFW-LAX(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
LFW-BZV(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(BZV) Maya-Maya AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Brazzaville, CG (BZV)
LFW-DSS(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(DSS) Blaise Diagne International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Dakar, SN (DSS)
LFW-LIS(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(LIS) Humberto Delgado Airport (Lisbon Portela Airport)Lomé, TG (LFW) to Lisbon, PT (LIS)
LFW-NSI(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(NSI) Yaoundé Nsimalen International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Yaoundé, CM (NSI)
LFW-BRU(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(BRU) Brussels AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
LFW-JNB(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(JNB) OR Tambo International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Johannesburg, ZA (JNB)
LFW-OXB(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(OXB) Osvaldo Vieira International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Bissau, GW (OXB)
LFW-OUA(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(OUA) Ouagadougou AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Ouagadougou, BF (OUA)
LFW-NIM(LFW) Lomé-Tokoin Airport(NIM) Diori Hamani International AirportLomé, TG (LFW) to Niamey, NE (NIM)

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