Pulkovo Airport (LED)

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Latitude: 59.8003
Longitude 30.2625
Elevation: 78 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LED

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SU 6031Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:55 PM(VKO) Moscow
YC 816Yamal Airlines(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:50 PM(SIP) Simferopol
JU 7041Air Serbia(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:40 PM(SVO) Moscow
SU 23Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:40 PM(SVO) Moscow
OS 612Austrian(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:30 PM(VIE) Vienna
SU 4186Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:25 PM(FCO) Rome
AZ 541Alitalia(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:25 PM(FCO) Rome
S7 4647S7 Airlines(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:25 PM(DOH) Doha
QR 280Qatar Airways(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:25 PM(DOH) Doha
SU 3414Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:20 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
KQ 1396Kenya Airways(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:20 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
DL 9274Delta Air Lines(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:20 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
KL 1396KLM(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:20 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
SU 6327Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:05 PM(KGD) Kaliningrad
D2 55Severstal Aircompany(LED) Pulkovo Airport5:00 PM(KVK) Kirovsk

Last added routes from LED

Route Origin Destination
LED-CMN(LED) Pulkovo Airport(CMN) Mohammed V International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Casablanca, MA (CMN)
LED-DLM(LED) Pulkovo Airport(DLM) Dalaman International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Dalaman, TR (DLM)
LED-SKX(LED) Pulkovo Airport(SKX) Saransk AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Saransk, RU (SKX)
LED-GRO(LED) Pulkovo Airport(GRO) Girona AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Girona, ES (GRO)
LED-BJV(LED) Pulkovo Airport(BJV) Milas Bodrum International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Bodrum, TR (BJV)
LED-PMI(LED) Pulkovo Airport(PMI) Palma De Mallorca AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI)
LED-PUY(LED) Pulkovo Airport(PUY) Pula AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Pula, HR (PUY)
LED-NOJ(LED) Pulkovo Airport(NOJ) Noyabrsk AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Noyabrsk, RU (NOJ)
LED-STW(LED) Pulkovo Airport(STW) Stavropol Shpakovskoye AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Stavropol, RU (STW)
LED-XIY(LED) Pulkovo Airport(XIY) Xi'an Xianyang International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Xi'an, CN (XIY)

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