Pulkovo Airport (LED)

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Latitude: 59.8003
Longitude 30.2625
Elevation: 78 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LED

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
YC 849Yamal Airlines(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:55 AM(NOJ) Nojabrxsk
SU 6621Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:50 AM(PRG) Prague
SU 6341Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:30 AM(MMK) Murmansk
SU 6641Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:30 AM(SXF) Berlin
SU 6643Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:25 AM(DUS) Dusseldorf
S7 20S7 Airlines(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:20 AM(DME) Moscow
SU 3Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:15 AM(SVO) Moscow
SU 6323Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:10 AM(KGD) Kaliningrad
DP* 539Pobeda(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:10 AM(MRV) Mineralnye Vody
SU 6027Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:00 AM(VKO) Moscow
SU 6627Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:55 AM(TLV) Tel Aviv-Yafo
SU 6221Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:55 AM(KRR) Krasnodar
SU 6307Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:50 AM(ARH) Arkhangelsk
SU 6563Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:50 AM(AER) Adler/Sochi
DP* 879Pobeda(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:50 AM(PSA) Pisa

Last added routes from LED

Route Origin Destination
LED-STN(LED) Pulkovo Airport(STN) London Stansted AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to London, GB (STN)
LED-BGY(LED) Pulkovo Airport(BGY) Il Caravaggio International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Bergamo, IT (BGY)
LED-OLB(LED) Pulkovo Airport(OLB) Olbia Costa Smeralda AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Olbia (SS), IT (OLB)
LED-NYM(LED) Pulkovo Airport(NYM) Nadym AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Nadym, RU (NYM)
LED-LRM(LED) Pulkovo Airport(LRM) Casa De Campo International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to La Romana, DO (LRM)
LED-PUJ(LED) Pulkovo Airport(PUJ) Punta Cana International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Punta Cana, DO (PUJ)
LED-NCU(LED) Pulkovo Airport(NCU) Nukus AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Nukus, UZ (NCU)
LED-ULV(LED) Pulkovo Airport(ULV) Ulyanovsk Baratayevka AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Ulyanovsk, RU (ULV)
LED-CMN(LED) Pulkovo Airport(CMN) Mohammed V International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Casablanca, MA (CMN)
LED-DLM(LED) Pulkovo Airport(DLM) Dalaman International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Dalaman, TR (DLM)

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