Pulkovo Airport (LED)

St. Petersburg, Russia

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Latitude: 59.8003
Longitude 30.2625
Elevation: 78 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from LED

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
YC 849Yamal Airlines(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:55 AM(NOJ) Nojabrxsk
JU 8151Air Serbia(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:55 AM(SVO) Moscow
SU 5Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:55 AM(SVO) Moscow
SU 6343Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:35 AM(MMK) Murmansk
DP* 507Pobeda(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:30 AM(OGZ) Vladikavkaz
SU 6891Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:30 AM(SIP) Simferopol
SU 6563Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:15 AM(AER) Adler/Sochi
SU 6315Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:10 AM(KRR) Krasnodar
SU 6233Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:05 AM(KUF) Samara
SU 6017Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:00 AM(VKO) Moscow
UT 470UTair(LED) Pulkovo Airport8:00 AM(SGC) Surgut
SU 6323Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:55 AM(KGD) Kaliningrad
SU 6355Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:20 AM(MRV) Mineralnye Vody
SU 6369Aeroflot(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:15 AM(ROV) Rostov
AZ 4366Alitalia(LED) Pulkovo Airport7:10 AM(SVO) Moscow

Last added routes from LED

Route Origin Destination
LED-BKK(LED) Pulkovo Airport(BKK) Suvarnabhumi AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Bangkok, TH (BKK)
LED-TUN(LED) Pulkovo Airport(TUN) Tunis Carthage International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Tunis, TN (TUN)
LED-CIT(LED) Pulkovo Airport(CIT) Shymkent AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Shymkent, KZ (CIT)
LED-FMO(LED) Pulkovo Airport(FMO) Münster Osnabrück AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Münster, DE (FMO)
LED-NVI(LED) Pulkovo Airport(NVI) Navoi AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Navoi, UZ (NVI)
LED-GOI(LED) Pulkovo Airport(GOI) Dabolim AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Vasco da Gama, IN (GOI)
LED-SAW(LED) Pulkovo Airport(SAW) Sabiha Gökçen International AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Istanbul, TR (SAW)
LED-KBV(LED) Pulkovo Airport(KBV) Krabi AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Krabi, TH (KBV)
LED-BOD(LED) Pulkovo Airport(BOD) Bordeaux-Mérignac AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to Bordeaux/Mérignac, FR (BOD)
LED-STN(LED) Pulkovo Airport(STN) London Stansted AirportSt. Petersburg, RU (LED) to London, GB (STN)

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