Purdue University Airport (LAF)

Lafayette, United States

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Latitude: 40.4123
Longitude -86.9369
Elevation: 606 ft
Local Code: LAF

Last updated flights departing from LAF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 335NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport7:33 PM(CMH) Columbus
1I 407NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport9:00 AM(OMA) Omaha
XOJ 406XOJET(LAF) Purdue University Airport3:46 PM(TEB) Teterboro
UA 2510United Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport11:55 PM(LCK) Columbus
UA 2554United Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport6:30 PM(ORD) Chicago
1I 657NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport12:23 PM(DEC) Decatur
RAX 270Royal Air Charter(LAF) Purdue University Airport12:45 AM(ELP) El Paso
JUS 327USA Jet Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport5:30 PM(KDTO) Denton
RAX 264Royal Air Charter(LAF) Purdue University Airport8:49 PM(PTK) Pontiac
AJI 9171Ameristar Jet Charter(LAF) Purdue University Airport8:00 AM(ELP) El Paso
AA 9713American Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport8:10 PM(PHL) Philadelphia
AA 9479American Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport7:55 AM(DCA) Washington
1I 367NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport4:30 PM(TME) Tame
EJM 826Executive Jet Management(LAF) Purdue University Airport4:30 PM(HOU) Houston
AX 651Trans States Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport12:30 AM(STL) Saint Louis

Last added routes from LAF

Route Origin Destination
LAF-LCK(LAF) Purdue University Airport(LCK) Rickenbacker International AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Columbus, US (LCK)
LAF-TME(LAF) Purdue University Airport(TME) Gustavo Vargas AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Tame, CO (TME)
LAF-FTY(LAF) Purdue University Airport(FTY) Fulton County Airport Brown FieldLafayette, US (LAF) to Atlanta, US (FTY)
LAF-SAD(LAF) Purdue University Airport(SAD) Safford Regional AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Safford, US (SAD)
LAF-CTH(LAF) Purdue University Airport(CTH) Chester County G O Carlson AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Coatesville, US (CTH)
LAF-COS(LAF) Purdue University Airport(COS) City of Colorado Springs Municipal AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Colorado Springs, US (COS)
LAF-KHYI(LAF) Purdue University Airport(KHYI) Lafayette, US (LAF) to KHYI
LAF-IWD(LAF) Purdue University Airport(IWD) Gogebic Iron County AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Ironwood, US (IWD)
LAF-LWA(LAF) Purdue University Airport(LWA) Lebak Rural AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Lebak, PH (LWA)
LAF-LBE(LAF) Purdue University Airport(LBE) Arnold Palmer Regional AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Latrobe, US (LBE)

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