Purdue University Airport (LAF)

Lafayette, United States

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Latitude: 40.4123
Longitude -86.9369
Elevation: 606 ft
Local Code: LAF

Last updated flights departing from LAF

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
FRG 9120Freight Runners Express(LAF) Purdue University Airport8:45 AM(MKE) Milwaukee
UA 2622United Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport7:00 PM(SCE) State College
UA 2635United Airlines(LAF) Purdue University Airport5:40 PM(ORD) Chicago
IFL 531IFL Group(LAF) Purdue University Airport6:30 AM(PTK) Pontiac
TSU 831Gulf and Caribbean Cargo(LAF) Purdue University Airport4:30 AM(PTK) Pontiac
1I 508NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport6:19 PM(SCF) Phoenix
1I 638NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport12:30 PM(TEB) Teterboro
1I 503NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport5:45 PM(SBN) South Bend
1I 363NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport3:09 PM(HOT) Hot Springs
1I 327NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport2:54 PM(HOT) Hot Springs
SWQ 9054Swift Air(LAF) Purdue University Airport5:30 PM(STL) Saint Louis
AJI 383Ameristar Jet Charter(LAF) Purdue University Airport8:30 PM(YIP) Detroit
BSK 316Miami Air International(LAF) Purdue University Airport3:30 PM(GSP) Greenville
1I 311NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport1:00 PM(SCF) Phoenix
1I 392NetJets Aviation(LAF) Purdue University Airport10:00 AM(APF) Naples

Last added routes from LAF

Route Origin Destination
LAF-MTN(LAF) Purdue University Airport(MTN) Martin State AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Baltimore, US (MTN)
LAF-HAO(LAF) Purdue University Airport(HAO) Butler Co Regional Airport - Hogan FieldLafayette, US (LAF) to Hamilton, US (HAO)
LAF-BLM(LAF) Purdue University Airport(BLM) Monmouth Executive AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Belmar/Farmingdale, US (BLM)
LAF-CAE(LAF) Purdue University Airport(CAE) Columbia Metropolitan AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Columbia, US (CAE)
LAF-AHN(LAF) Purdue University Airport(AHN) Athens Ben Epps AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Athens, US (AHN)
LAF-LAX(LAF) Purdue University Airport(LAX) Los Angeles International AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Los Angeles, US (LAX)
LAF-ABI(LAF) Purdue University Airport(ABI) Abilene Regional AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Abilene, US (ABI)
LAF-TLH(LAF) Purdue University Airport(TLH) Tallahassee Regional AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to Tallahassee, US (TLH)
LAF-SJC(LAF) Purdue University Airport(SJC) Norman Y. Mineta San Jose International AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to San Jose, US (SJC)
LAF-SBN(LAF) Purdue University Airport(SBN) South Bend Regional AirportLafayette, US (LAF) to South Bend, US (SBN)

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