Longdongbao Airport (KWE)

Guiyang, China

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Latitude: 26.5385
Longitude 106.801
Elevation: 3736 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from KWE

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CZ 3435China Southern Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:40 PM(URC) Urumqi
HO 1141Juneyao Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:40 PM(HUZ) Huizhou
GS 6470Tianjin Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:35 PM(WUT) Xinzhou
CZ 6697China Southern Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:30 PM(HGH) Hangzhou
CA 8420Air China(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:25 PM(TAO) Qingdao
SC 8420Shandong Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:25 PM(TAO) Qingdao
G5 2718China Express Air(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:20 PM(LLB) Libo City
ZH 4563Shenzhen Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:20 PM(PVG) Shanghai
CA 4563Air China(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:20 PM(PVG) Shanghai
PN 6442West Air (China)(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:20 PM(JJN) Jinjiang
CZ 6431China Southern Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:15 PM(JHG) Jinghong
EU 2247Chengdu Airlines(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:15 PM(FOC) Fuzhou
AQ* 10679 Air Co(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:10 PM(TSN) Tianjin
G5 2619China Express Air(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:05 PM(BFJ) Bijie
8L 9773Lucky Air(KWE) Longdongbao Airport5:05 PM(SWA) Jieyang

Last added routes from KWE

Route Origin Destination
KWE-GYS(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(GYS) Guangyuan AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Guangyuan, CN (GYS)
KWE-ENH(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(ENH) Enshi AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Enshi, CN (ENH)
KWE-DSN(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(DSN) Ordos Ejin Horo AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Ordos, CN (DSN)
KWE-MDL(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(MDL) Mandalay International AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Mandalay, MM (MDL)
KWE-MXP(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(MXP) Malpensa International AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Milan, IT (MXP)
KWE-YYA(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(YYA) Sanhe AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Yueyang, CN (YYA)
KWE-LYG(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(LYG) Lianyungang AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Lianyungang, CN (LYG)
KWE-WUT(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(WUT) Xinzhou Wutaishan AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Xinzhou, CN (WUT)
KWE-AQG(KWE) Longdongbao Airport(AQG) Anqing Tianzhushan AirportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Anqing, CN (AQG)
KWE-(KWE) Longdongbao Airport() Total Rf HeliportGuiyang, CN (KWE) to Bensalem, US ()

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