Kagoshima Airport (KOJ)

Kagoshima, Japan

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Latitude: 31.8034
Longitude 130.719
Elevation: 906 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from KOJ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
JL 2412JAL(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport5:55 PM(ITM) Osaka
NH 3785ANA(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport5:35 PM(OKA) Okinawa
SNJ 85Solaseed Air(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport5:35 PM(OKA) Okinawa
JL 3737JAL(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport5:30 PM(ASJ) Amami O Shima
BC 308Skymark Airlines(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport5:25 PM(HND) Tokyo
NH 358ANA(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:55 PM(NGO) Nagoya
JL 3735JAL(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:55 PM(ASJ) Amami O Shima
3X 3759Japan Air Commuter(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:50 PM(KUM) Yakushima
3X 3775Japan Air Commuter(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:50 PM(TNE) Nakatane
NH 550ANA(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:45 PM(ITM) Osaka
EY 6273Etihad Airways(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:35 PM(HKG) Hong Kong
HX 671Hong Kong Airlines(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:35 PM(HKG) Hong Kong
NH 628ANA(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:20 PM(HND) Tokyo
JL 3797JAL(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:15 PM(TKN) Tokunoshima
3X 3755Japan Air Commuter(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport4:10 PM(KUM) Yakushima

Last added routes from KOJ

Route Origin Destination
KOJ-MWX(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(MWX) Muan International AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Piseo-ri (Muan), KR (MWX)
KOJ-PUS(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(PUS) Gimhae International AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Busan, KR (PUS)
KOJ-TPE(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(TPE) Taiwan Taoyuan International AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Taipei, TW (TPE)
KOJ-ICN(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(ICN) Incheon International AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Seoul, KR (ICN)
KOJ-FSZ(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(FSZ) Mt. Fuji Shizuoka AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Makinohara / Shimada, JP (FSZ)
KOJ-UKB(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(UKB) Kobe AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Kobe, JP (UKB)
KOJ-TNE(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(TNE) New Tanegashima AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Tanegashima, JP (TNE)
KOJ-TKN(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(TKN) Tokunoshima AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Tokunoshima, JP (TKN)
KOJ-RNJ(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(RNJ) Yoron AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Yoronjima, JP (RNJ)
KOJ-PVG(KOJ) Kagoshima Airport(PVG) Shanghai Pudong International AirportKagoshima, JP (KOJ) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)

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