Kos Airport (KGS)

Kos Island, Greece

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Latitude: 36.7933
Longitude 27.0917
Elevation: 412 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from KGS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
X3 4883TUIfly(KGS) Kos Airport11:45 PM(CGN) Cologne
TOM 7651Thomson(KGS) Kos Airport11:30 PM(BHX) Birmingham
TOM 2681Thomson(KGS) Kos Airport11:20 PM(MAN) Manchester
A3 7229Aegean Airlines(KGS) Kos Airport11:05 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 229Olympic Air(KGS) Kos Airport11:05 PM(ATH) Athens
X3 4373TUIfly(KGS) Kos Airport10:50 PM(HAJ) Hanover
HV 5044Transavia(KGS) Kos Airport10:40 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
EW 659Eurowings(KGS) Kos Airport10:15 PM(CGN) Cologne
GQ 289Sky Express(KGS) Kos Airport9:55 PM(ATH) Athens
0B 8987Blue Air(KGS) Kos Airport9:55 PM(ATH) Athens
U2 8796easyJet(KGS) Kos Airport9:55 PM(LGW) London
TOM 1649Thomson(KGS) Kos Airport9:40 PM(DUB) Dublin
U2 2978easyJet(KGS) Kos Airport9:20 PM(MXP) Milan
JAF 6728Jetairfly(KGS) Kos Airport9:15 PM(OST) Ostend
U2 6802easyJet(KGS) Kos Airport9:10 PM(GLA) Glasgow

Last added routes from KGS

Route Origin Destination
KGS-LJU(KGS) Kos Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
KGS-BRI(KGS) Kos Airport(BRI) Bari Karol Wojtyła AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Bari, IT (BRI)
KGS-JTR(KGS) Kos Airport(JTR) Santorini AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Santorini Island, GR (JTR)
KGS-SMI(KGS) Kos Airport(SMI) Samos AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Samos Island, GR (SMI)
KGS-AOK(KGS) Kos Airport(AOK) Karpathos AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Karpathos Island, GR (AOK)
KGS-AYT(KGS) Kos Airport(AYT) Antalya International AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Antalya, TR (AYT)
KGS-LLA(KGS) Kos Airport(LLA) Luleå AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Luleå, SE (LLA)
KGS-EDI(KGS) Kos Airport(EDI) Edinburgh AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Edinburgh, GB (EDI)
KGS-KSF(KGS) Kos Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Kassel, DE (KSF)
KGS-VRN(KGS) Kos Airport(VRN) Verona Villafranca AirportKos Island, GR (KGS) to Verona, IT (VRN)

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