Khrabrovo Airport (KGD)

Kaliningrad, Russia

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Latitude: 54.89
Longitude 20.5926
Elevation: 42 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from KGD

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AZ 5554Alitalia(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport8:25 PM(SVO) Moscow
SU 1007Aeroflot(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport8:25 PM(SVO) Moscow
UT 330UTair(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:55 PM(VKO) Moscow
AZ 5584Alitalia(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:50 PM(LED) Saint Petersburg
SU 6330Aeroflot(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:50 PM(LED) Saint Petersburg
DP* 264Pobeda(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:45 PM(VKO) Moscow
U6 38Ural Airlines(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:30 PM(LED) Saint Petersburg
5N 254Smartavia(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:05 PM(DME) Moscow
B2 950Belavia(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport7:00 PM(MSQ) Minsk
U6 638Ural Airlines(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport6:40 PM(ZIA) Zhukovsky
SU 1011Aeroflot(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport6:25 PM(SVO) Moscow
LO 700LOT - Polish Airlines(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport6:00 PM(WAW) Warsaw
U6 168Ural Airlines(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport5:45 PM(DME) Moscow
B2 914Belavia(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport4:10 PM(MSQ) Minsk
SU 1005Aeroflot(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport4:00 PM(SVO) Moscow

Last added routes from KGD

Route Origin Destination
KGD-DLM(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(DLM) Dalaman International AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Dalaman, TR (DLM)
KGD-KLF(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(KLF) Grabtsevo AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Kaluga, RU (KLF)
KGD-LPK(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(LPK) Lipetsk AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Lipetsk, RU (LPK)
KGD-EGO(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(EGO) Belgorod International AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Belgorod, RU (EGO)
KGD-GOJ(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(GOJ) Nizhny Novgorod Strigino International AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Nizhny Novgorod, RU (GOJ)
KGD-FCO(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(FCO) Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Rome, IT (FCO)
KGD-ARN(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(ARN) Stockholm-Arlanda AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Stockholm, SE (ARN)
KGD-PEE(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(PEE) Bolshoye Savino AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Perm, RU (PEE)
KGD-MIR(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(MIR) Monastir Habib Bourguiba International AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Monastir, TN (MIR)
KGD-NBE(KGD) Khrabrovo Airport(NBE) Enfidha - Hammamet International AirportKaliningrad, RU (KGD) to Enfidha, TN (NBE)

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