Jiamusi Airport (JMU)

Jiamusi, China

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Latitude: 46.8434
Longitude 130.465
Elevation: 262 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from JMU

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
CA 8010Air China(JMU) Jiamusi Airport11:10 PM(TAO) Qingdao
SC 8010Shandong Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport11:10 PM(TAO) Qingdao
MU 5082China Eastern Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport10:55 PM(TAO) Qingdao
HX 1622Hong Kong Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport10:15 PM(PEK) Beijing
HU 7622Hainan Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport10:15 PM(PEK) Beijing
CX 6155Cathay Pacific(JMU) Jiamusi Airport9:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
ZH 1698Shenzhen Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport9:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1698Air China(JMU) Jiamusi Airport9:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
JR 1574Joy Air(JMU) Jiamusi Airport8:20 PM(HRB) Harbin
MU 5382China Eastern Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport5:00 PM(YNT) Yantai
ZH 1694Shenzhen Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport2:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1694Air China(JMU) Jiamusi Airport2:10 PM(PEK) Beijing
CZ 3610China Southern Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport12:45 PM(DLC) Dalian
7C* 8902Jeju Air(JMU) Jiamusi Airport12:25 PM(ICN) Seoul
MU 2630China Eastern Airlines(JMU) Jiamusi Airport11:00 AM(YNT) Yantai

Last added routes from JMU

Route Origin Destination
JMU-FYJ(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(FYJ) Dongji AiportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Fuyuan, CN (FYJ)
JMU-YNT(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(YNT) Yantai Laishan AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Yantai, CN (YNT)
JMU-HRB(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(HRB) Taiping AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Harbin, CN (HRB)
JMU-TAO(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(TAO) Liuting AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Qingdao, CN (TAO)
JMU-SHE(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(SHE) Taoxian AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Shenyang, CN (SHE)
JMU-PVG(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(PVG) Shanghai Pudong International AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Shanghai, CN (PVG)
JMU-PEK(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(PEK) Beijing Capital International AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Beijing, CN (PEK)
JMU-KHV(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(KHV) Khabarovsk-Novy AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Khabarovsk, RU (KHV)
JMU-ICN(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(ICN) Incheon International AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Seoul, KR (ICN)
JMU-DLC(JMU) Jiamusi Airport(DLC) Zhoushuizi AirportJiamusi, CN (JMU) to Dalian, CN (DLC)

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