Mikonos Airport (JMK)

Mykonos Island, Greece

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Latitude: 37.4351
Longitude 25.3481
Elevation: 405 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from JMK

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
VOE 1447Volotea(JMK) Mikonos Airport11:45 PM(VCE) Venice
A3 7383Aegean Airlines(JMK) Mikonos Airport11:35 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 383Olympic Air(JMK) Mikonos Airport11:35 PM(ATH) Athens
IB 5593Iberia(JMK) Mikonos Airport9:40 PM(FLR) Florence
VY 6361Vueling(JMK) Mikonos Airport9:40 PM(FLR) Florence
GQ 233Sky Express(JMK) Mikonos Airport9:15 PM(ATH) Athens
0B 8973Blue Air(JMK) Mikonos Airport9:15 PM(ATH) Athens
U2 8158easyJet(JMK) Mikonos Airport9:00 PM(LGW) London
VOE 4125Volotea(JMK) Mikonos Airport8:55 PM(ATH) Athens
A3 7381Aegean Airlines(JMK) Mikonos Airport8:15 PM(ATH) Athens
OA 381Olympic Air(JMK) Mikonos Airport8:15 PM(ATH) Athens
U2 4228easyJet(JMK) Mikonos Airport8:00 PM(ORY) Paris
A3 450Aegean Airlines(JMK) Mikonos Airport8:00 PM(BEY) Beirut
AF 6093Air France(JMK) Mikonos Airport7:45 PM(ORY) Paris
TO 3519Transavia France(JMK) Mikonos Airport7:45 PM(ORY) Paris

Last added routes from JMK

Route Origin Destination
JMK-MAD(JMK) Mikonos Airport(MAD) Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Madrid, ES (MAD)
JMK-DOH(JMK) Mikonos Airport(DOH) Hamad International AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Doha, QA (DOH)
JMK-MRS(JMK) Mikonos Airport(MRS) Marseille Provence AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Marseille, FR (MRS)
JMK-GOA(JMK) Mikonos Airport(GOA) Genoa Cristoforo Colombo AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Genova, IT (GOA)
JMK-LJU(JMK) Mikonos Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
JMK-BRU(JMK) Mikonos Airport(BRU) Brussels AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Brussels, BE (BRU)
JMK-FRA(JMK) Mikonos Airport(FRA) Frankfurt am Main AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Frankfurt am Main, DE (FRA)
JMK-CDG(JMK) Mikonos Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Paris, FR (CDG)
JMK-NTE(JMK) Mikonos Airport(NTE) Nantes Atlantique AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Nantes, FR (NTE)
JMK-TXL(JMK) Mikonos Airport(TXL) Berlin-Tegel AirportMykonos Island, GR (JMK) to Berlin, DE (TXL)

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