Jersey Airport (JER)

Saint Helier, Jersey

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Latitude: 49.2079
Longitude -2.19551
Elevation: 277 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from JER

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AI 6148Air India(JER) Jersey Airport11:45 AM(BHX) Birmingham
AF 6457Air France(JER) Jersey Airport11:45 AM(BHX) Birmingham
BE 564Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport11:45 AM(BHX) Birmingham
BE 6366Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport11:00 AM(SOU) Southampton
BA 2771British Airways(JER) Jersey Airport9:50 AM(LGW) London
BE 6411Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport8:50 AM(GCI) Guernsey
U2 892easyJet(JER) Jersey Airport8:45 AM(LGW) London
BE 501Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport8:20 AM(GCI) Guernsey
BE 502Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport8:20 AM(GCI) Guernsey
BE 6405Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport7:30 AM(GCI) Guernsey
BE 6454Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport7:20 AM(LCY) London
IB 4913Iberia(JER) Jersey Airport7:05 AM(LGW) London
BA 2767British Airways(JER) Jersey Airport7:05 AM(LGW) London
BE 6350Flybe(JER) Jersey Airport7:00 AM(SOU) Southampton
U2 898easyJet(JER) Jersey Airport8:50 PM(LGW) London

Last added routes from JER

Route Origin Destination
JER-ZRH(JER) Jersey Airport(ZRH) Zürich AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Zurich, CH (ZRH)
JER-TFS(JER) Jersey Airport(TFS) Tenerife South AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Tenerife Island, ES (TFS)
JER-ERF(JER) Jersey Airport(ERF) Erfurt AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Erfurt, DE (ERF)
JER-MME(JER) Jersey Airport(MME) Durham Tees Valley AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Durham, GB (MME)
JER-LBA(JER) Jersey Airport(LBA) Leeds Bradford AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Leeds, GB (LBA)
JER-INV(JER) Jersey Airport(INV) Inverness AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Inverness, GB (INV)
JER-ABZ(JER) Jersey Airport(ABZ) Aberdeen Dyce AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Aberdeen, GB (ABZ)
JER-VIE(JER) Jersey Airport(VIE) Vienna International AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Vienna, AT (VIE)
JER-BDS(JER) Jersey Airport(BDS) Brindisi – Salento AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Brindisi, IT (BDS)
JER-KSF(JER) Jersey Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportSaint Helier, JE (JER) to Kassel, DE (KSF)

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