Birsa Munda Airport (IXR)

Ranchi, India

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Latitude: 23.3143
Longitude 85.3217
Elevation: 2148 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from IXR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
I5* 546AirAsia India(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport9:50 PM(CCU) Kolkata
G8 148GoAir(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport8:05 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 997IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport7:20 PM(BLR) Bengaluru
6E 6325IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport5:55 PM(PAT) Patna
I5* 549AirAsia India(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport5:20 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 787IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport4:50 PM(BOM) Mumbai
6E 485IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport4:20 PM(BLR) Bengaluru
G8 585GoAir(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport3:25 PM(BOM) Mumbai
I5* 545AirAsia India(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport2:20 PM(CCU) Kolkata
6E 436IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport2:05 PM(DEL) Delhi
G8 373GoAir(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport1:35 PM(BLR) Bengaluru
AI 418Air India(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport1:30 PM(DEL) Delhi
6E 994IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport1:20 PM(CCU) Kolkata
G8 146GoAir(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport10:50 AM(DEL) Delhi
6E 822IndiGo(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport9:55 AM(CCU) Kolkata

Last added routes from IXR

Route Origin Destination
IXR-PAT(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport(PAT) Lok Nayak Jayaprakash AirportRanchi, IN (IXR) to Patna, IN (PAT)
IXR-DEL(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport(DEL) Indira Gandhi International AirportRanchi, IN (IXR) to New Delhi, IN (DEL)
IXR-CCU(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport(CCU) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International AirportRanchi, IN (IXR) to Kolkata, IN (CCU)
IXR-BOM(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport(BOM) Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportRanchi, IN (IXR) to Mumbai, IN (BOM)
IXR-BLR(IXR) Birsa Munda Airport(BLR) Kempegowda International AirportRanchi, IN (IXR) to Bangalore, IN (BLR)

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