Smith Reynolds Airport (INT)

Winston Salem, United States

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Latitude: 36.1337
Longitude -80.222
Elevation: 969 ft
Local Code: INT

Last updated flights departing from INT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 683NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(IXA) Agartala
1I 656NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(IXA) Agartala
GAJ 808Gama Aviation Signature(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport3:00 PM(KFCI) Richmond
1I 202NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport3:54 PM(XNA) Bentonville
GAJ 843Gama Aviation Signature(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
CNS 176PlaneSense(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport10:30 AM(DSI) Destin
OPT 368Flight Options(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport7:30 AM(JAX) Jacksonville
CNS 9PlaneSense(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport8:30 AM(ILM) Wilmington
SWQ 9804Swift Air(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport7:59 PM(MIA) Miami
CNS 9PlaneSense(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport1:44 PM(IAD) Dulles
EJM 566Executive Jet Management(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport11:15 AM(TEB) Teterboro
GAJ 882Gama Aviation Signature(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(SVH) Statesville
CNS 94PlaneSense(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport8:00 AM(KVPC) Cartersville
GAJ 822Gama Aviation Signature(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport9:30 AM(SSI) Brunswick
LXJ 441Flexjet(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport9:50 AM(AVL) Asheville

Last added routes from INT

Route Origin Destination
INT-POF(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(POF) Poplar Bluff Municipal AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Poplar Bluff, US (POF)
INT-MQY(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(MQY) Smyrna AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Smyrna, US (MQY)
INT-ALB(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(ALB) Albany International AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Albany, US (ALB)
INT-PNS(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(PNS) Pensacola Regional AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Pensacola, US (PNS)
INT-BZN(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(BZN) Gallatin FieldWinston Salem, US (INT) to Bozeman, US (BZN)
INT-TRM(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(TRM) Jacqueline Cochran Regional AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Palm Springs, US (TRM)
INT-KAAO(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(KAAO) Winston Salem, US (INT) to KAAO
INT-BKL(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(BKL) Burke Lakefront AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Cleveland, US (BKL)
INT-SPG(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(SPG) Albert Whitted AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to St Petersburg, US (SPG)
INT-TCB(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(TCB) Treasure Cay AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Treasure Cay, BS (TCB)

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