Smith Reynolds Airport (INT)

Winston Salem, United States

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Latitude: 36.1337
Longitude -80.222
Elevation: 969 ft
Local Code: INT

Last updated flights departing from INT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 540NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport5:00 PM(TEB) Teterboro
TMC 487Travel Management(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport12:20 PM(CSG) Columbus
OPT 352Flight Options(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(PNE) Philadelphia
1I 619NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport4:00 PM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 654NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport3:45 PM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 643NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport9:00 AM(PDK) Atlanta
EJM 790Executive Jet Management(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport11:15 AM(ELH) North Eleuthera
EJM 510Executive Jet Management(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport9:00 AM(BHM) Birmingham
1I 363NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport4:00 PM(VRB) Vero Beach
1I 752NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport7:31 PM(IAD) Dulles
1I 374NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport6:42 PM(IAD) Dulles
1I 589NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport4:30 PM(XNA) Bentonville
EJM 510Executive Jet Management(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport11:07 AM(KOFP) Richmond/Ashland
1I 798NetJets Aviation(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport2:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
SWQ 548Swift Air(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport3:30 PM(TLH) Tallahassee

Last added routes from INT

Route Origin Destination
INT-CSG(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(CSG) Columbus Metropolitan AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Columbus, US (CSG)
INT-KOFP(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(KOFP) Winston Salem, US (INT) to KOFP
INT-MHK(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(MHK) Manhattan Regional AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Manhattan, US (MHK)
INT-LRO(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(LRO) Sharpe AAFWinston Salem, US (INT) to Lathrop, US (LRO)
INT-MHH(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(MHH) Leonard M Thompson International AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Marsh Harbour, BS (MHH)
INT-IMT(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(IMT) Ford AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Iron Mountain / Kingsford, US (IMT)
INT-KRYY(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(KRYY) Winston Salem, US (INT) to KRYY
INT-BWD(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(BWD) Brownwood Regional AirportWinston Salem, US (INT) to Brownwood, US (BWD)
INT-KMGY(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(KMGY) Winston Salem, US (INT) to KMGY
INT-F45(INT) Smith Reynolds Airport(F45) Winston Salem, US (INT) to F45

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