Yinchuan Airport (INC)

Yinchuan, China

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Latitude: 38.4819
Longitude 106.009
Elevation: 0 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from INC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
ZH 1264Shenzhen Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:55 PM(PEK) Beijing
UA 7448United Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:55 PM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1264Air China(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:55 PM(PEK) Beijing
MU 2296China Eastern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:50 PM(CTU) Chengdu
3U 8222Sichuan Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:45 PM(KMG) Kunming
CZ 6270China Southern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:45 PM(HRB) Harbin
CA 8008Air China(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:45 PM(URC) Urumqi
SC 8008Shandong Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:45 PM(URC) Urumqi
CZ 9302China Southern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:40 PM(XIY) Xian
MU 2968China Eastern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:40 PM(XIY) Xian
MU 3670China Eastern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:30 PM(URC) Urumqi
CZ 6962China Southern Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:30 PM(URC) Urumqi
G5 2668China Express Air(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:25 PM(GYU) Guyuan
SC 3006Shandong Airlines(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:15 PM(HAK) Haikou
CA 3212Air China(INC) Yinchuan Airport8:05 PM(YIH) Yichang

Last added routes from INC

Route Origin Destination
INC-ZUH(INC) Yinchuan Airport(ZUH) Zhuhai Jinwan AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Zhuhai, CN (ZUH)
INC-LZO(INC) Yinchuan Airport(LZO) Luzhou AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Luzhou, CN (LZO)
INC-NAY(INC) Yinchuan Airport(NAY) Beijing Nanyuan AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Beijing, CN (NAY)
INC-HLD(INC) Yinchuan Airport(HLD) Dongshan AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Hailar, CN (HLD)
INC-LYA(INC) Yinchuan Airport(LYA) Luoyang AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Luoyang, CN (LYA)
INC-NGB(INC) Yinchuan Airport(NGB) Ningbo Lishe International AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Ningbo, CN (NGB)
INC-KBV(INC) Yinchuan Airport(KBV) Krabi AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Krabi, TH (KBV)
INC-YNT(INC) Yinchuan Airport(YNT) Yantai Laishan AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Yantai, CN (YNT)
INC-JGN(INC) Yinchuan Airport(JGN) Jiayuguan AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Jiayuguan, CN (JGN)
INC-YIN(INC) Yinchuan Airport(YIN) Yining AirportYinchuan, CN (INC) to Yining, CN (YIN)

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