Wilmington Airpark (ILN)

Wilmington, United States

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Latitude: 39.4279
Longitude -83.7921
Elevation: 1077 ft
Local Code: ILN

Last updated flights departing from ILN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
DL 9934Delta Air Lines(ILN) Wilmington Airpark7:15 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 9950Delta Air Lines(ILN) Wilmington Airpark9:00 AM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 9950Delta Air Lines(ILN) Wilmington Airpark3:00 PM(ATL) Atlanta
DL 9950Delta Air Lines(ILN) Wilmington Airpark3:00 PM(ATL) Atlanta
ATN 382ATI(ILN) Wilmington Airpark3:00 PM(CVG) Cincinnati
NC 379Northern Air Cargo(ILN) Wilmington Airpark8:15 PM(MIA) Miami
1I 404NetJets Aviation(ILN) Wilmington Airpark6:00 PM(STL) Saint Louis
ATN 6700ATI(ILN) Wilmington Airpark12:00 PM(TPA) Tampa
ATN 6701ATI(ILN) Wilmington Airpark11:05 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
1I 382NetJets Aviation(ILN) Wilmington Airpark12:15 PM(IAD) Dulles
1I 657NetJets Aviation(ILN) Wilmington Airpark10:48 AM(KIMS) Madison
ATN 305ATI(ILN) Wilmington Airpark1:30 PM(NGU) Norfolk
GB 36ABX Air(ILN) Wilmington Airpark10:00 AM(CVG) Cincinnati
ATN 530ATI(ILN) Wilmington Airpark7:30 AM(COF) Cocoa
DL 9940Delta Air Lines(ILN) Wilmington Airpark6:00 PM(ATL) Atlanta

Last added routes from ILN

Route Origin Destination
ILN-KIMS(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(KIMS) Wilmington, US (ILN) to KIMS
ILN-BNA(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(BNA) Nashville International AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Nashville, US (BNA)
ILN-LNK(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(LNK) Lincoln AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Lincoln, US (LNK)
ILN-SUU(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(SUU) Travis Air Force BaseWilmington, US (ILN) to Fairfield, US (SUU)
ILN-SDF(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(SDF) Louisville International Standiford FieldWilmington, US (ILN) to Louisville, US (SDF)
ILN-ROW(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(ROW) Roswell International Air Center AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Roswell, US (ROW)
ILN-STL(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(STL) St Louis Lambert International AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to St Louis, US (STL)
ILN-SWF(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(SWF) Stewart International AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Newburgh, US (SWF)
ILN-IAG(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(IAG) Niagara Falls International AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Niagara Falls, US (IAG)
ILN-ORF(ILN) Wilmington Airpark(ORF) Norfolk International AirportWilmington, US (ILN) to Norfolk, US (ORF)

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