Irkutsk Airport (IKT)

Irkutsk, Russia

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Latitude: 52.268
Longitude 104.389
Elevation: 1675 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from IKT

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
S7 6311S7 Airlines(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:50 AM(PEK) Beijing
S7 6371S7 Airlines(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:35 AM(GDX) Magadan
SU 5653Aeroflot(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:00 AM(KHV) Khabarovsk
SU 4035Aeroflot(IKT) Irkutsk Airport11:50 PM(ICN) Seoul
KE 984Korean Air(IKT) Irkutsk Airport11:50 PM(ICN) Seoul
IK* 2519Pegas Fly(IKT) Irkutsk Airport10:20 PM(CXR) Nha Trang
IAE 420IrAero(IKT) Irkutsk Airport9:35 PM(TAS) Tashkent
IAE 145IrAero(IKT) Irkutsk Airport2:00 PM(KYZ) Kyzyl
MU 9926China Eastern Airlines(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:35 PM(DSN) Dongsheng
S7 6365S7 Airlines(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:15 PM(UUD) Ulan-Ude
KL 3250KLM(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:00 PM(SVO) Moscow
AZ 3787Alitalia(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:00 PM(SVO) Moscow
AF 4885Air France(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:00 PM(SVO) Moscow
SU 1563Aeroflot(IKT) Irkutsk Airport1:00 PM(SVO) Moscow
IAE 9141IrAero(IKT) Irkutsk Airport12:50 PM(ODO) Bodaybo

Last added routes from IKT

Route Origin Destination
IKT-PQC(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(PQC) Phu Quoc International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Phu Quoc Island, VN (PQC)
IKT-TYD(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(TYD) Tynda AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Tynda, RU (TYD)
IKT-CAN(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(CAN) Guangzhou Baiyun International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Guangzhou, CN (CAN)
IKT-BQS(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(BQS) Ignatyevo AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Blagoveschensk, RU (BQS)
IKT-FEG(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(FEG) Fergana International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Fergana, UZ (FEG)
IKT-TOF(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(TOF) Bogashevo AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Tomsk, RU (TOF)
IKT-KBV(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(KBV) Krabi AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Krabi, TH (KBV)
IKT-AYT(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(AYT) Antalya International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Antalya, TR (AYT)
IKT-AER(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(AER) Sochi International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Sochi, RU (AER)
IKT-NRT(IKT) Irkutsk Airport(NRT) Narita International AirportIrkutsk, RU (IKT) to Tokyo, JP (NRT)

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