Humberside Airport (HUY)

Grimsby, United Kingdom

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Latitude: 53.5744
Longitude -0.350833
Elevation: 121 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from HUY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
AZ 3867Alitalia(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
SU 3343Aeroflot(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
AF 8382Air France(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
MF 9612Xiamen Airlines(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
EY 7308Etihad Airways(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
KQ 1498Kenya Airways(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
KL 1498KLM(HUY) Humberside Airport5:10 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
BE 7644Flybe(HUY) Humberside Airport4:30 PM(ABZ) Aberdeen
BE 7642Flybe(HUY) Humberside Airport11:45 AM(ABZ) Aberdeen
DL 9279Delta Air Lines(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
EY 7403Etihad Airways(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
AZ 3865Alitalia(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
SU 3345Aeroflot(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
AF 8360Air France(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam
MF 9638Xiamen Airlines(HUY) Humberside Airport10:40 AM(AMS) Amsterdam

Last added routes from HUY

Route Origin Destination
HUY-FNC(HUY) Humberside Airport(FNC) Madeira AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Funchal, PT (FNC)
HUY-CDG(HUY) Humberside Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Paris, FR (CDG)
HUY-BUD(HUY) Humberside Airport(BUD) Budapest Liszt Ferenc International AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Budapest, HU (BUD)
HUY-NAP(HUY) Humberside Airport(NAP) Naples International AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to NĂ¡poli, IT (NAP)
HUY-NCL(HUY) Humberside Airport(NCL) Newcastle AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Newcastle, GB (NCL)
HUY-DBV(HUY) Humberside Airport(DBV) Dubrovnik AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Dubrovnik, HR (DBV)
HUY-TFS(HUY) Humberside Airport(TFS) Tenerife South AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Tenerife Island, ES (TFS)
HUY-VCE(HUY) Humberside Airport(VCE) Venice Marco Polo AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Venice, IT (VCE)
HUY-PMI(HUY) Humberside Airport(PMI) Palma De Mallorca AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI)
HUY-MME(HUY) Humberside Airport(MME) Durham Tees Valley AirportGrimsby, GB (HUY) to Durham, GB (MME)

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