Huntsville Regional Airport (HTV)

Huntsville, United States

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Latitude: 30.7469
Longitude -95.5872
Elevation: 363 ft
Local Code: UTS

Last updated flights departing from HTV

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 617NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport9:20 AM(FTW) Fort Worth
1I 614NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport9:30 AM(GUF) Gulf Shores
1I 615NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport8:45 AM(CLL) College Station
1I 556NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport2:00 PM(GUF) Gulf Shores
1I 555NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport2:00 PM(GUF) Gulf Shores
1I 685NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport2:00 PM(GUF) Gulf Shores
AJI 1587Ameristar Jet Charter(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport3:30 PM(LBB) Lubbock
JTL 404Jet Linx Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport3:00 PM(FTW) Fort Worth
XSR 670AirShare LLC(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport1:30 PM(ASL) Marshall
XSR 315AirShare LLC(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport2:00 PM(FTW) Fort Worth
1I 328NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport3:30 PM(PWA) Oklahoma City
1I 667NetJets Aviation(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport3:30 PM(PWA) Oklahoma City
LXJ 524Flexjet(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport10:30 AM(KHDC) Hammond
LXJ 547Flexjet(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport12:23 PM(EGE) Vail
GAJ 855Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport1:30 PM(ADS) Dallas

Last added routes from HTV

Route Origin Destination
HTV-CLL(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(CLL) Easterwood FieldHuntsville, US (HTV) to College Station, US (CLL)
HTV-GUF(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(GUF) Jack Edwards AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Gulf Shores, US (GUF)
HTV-ASL(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(ASL) Harrison County AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Marshall, US (ASL)
HTV-FTW(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(FTW) Fort Worth Meacham International AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Fort Worth, US (FTW)
HTV-PWA(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(PWA) Wiley Post AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Oklahoma City, US (PWA)
HTV-APA(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(APA) Centennial AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Denver, US (APA)
HTV-DCU(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(DCU) Pryor Field Regional AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Decatur, US (DCU)
HTV-LIR(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(LIR) Daniel Oduber Quiros International AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Liberia, CR (LIR)
HTV-PIE(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(PIE) St Petersburg Clearwater International AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to St Petersburg-Clearwater, US (PIE)
HTV-PHN(HTV) Huntsville Regional Airport(PHN) St Clair County International AirportHuntsville, US (HTV) to Port Huron, US (PHN)

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