Taiping Airport (HRB)

Harbin, China

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Latitude: 45.6234
Longitude 126.25
Elevation: 457 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from HRB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
3U 8125Sichuan Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:45 AM(SJW) Shijiazhuang
CZ 6223China Southern Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:40 AM(XIY) Xian
OZ 6750Asiana Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:35 AM(ICN) Seoul
CZ 683China Southern Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:35 AM(ICN) Seoul
JR 1567Joy Air(HRB) Taiping Airport8:35 AM(JGD) Jiagedaqi District
LH 7291Lufthansa(HRB) Taiping Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
NZ 3944Air New Zealand(HRB) Taiping Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
ZH 1640Shenzhen Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
CA 1640Air China(HRB) Taiping Airport8:30 AM(PEK) Beijing
ZH 9745Shenzhen Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:30 AM(TAO) Qingdao
ZH 1678Shenzhen Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:25 AM(TSN) Tianjin
CA 1678Air China(HRB) Taiping Airport8:25 AM(TSN) Tianjin
ZH 9676Shenzhen Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:25 AM(CZX) Changzhou
MU 5518China Eastern Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:20 AM(TAO) Qingdao
MU 3110China Eastern Airlines(HRB) Taiping Airport8:15 AM(CAN) Guangzhou

Last added routes from HRB

Route Origin Destination
HRB-LFQ(HRB) Taiping Airport(LFQ) Linfen Qiaoli AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Linfen, CN (LFQ)
HRB-HZG(HRB) Taiping Airport(HZG) Hanzhong Chenggu AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Hanzhong, CN (HZG)
HRB-BQS(HRB) Taiping Airport(BQS) Ignatyevo AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Blagoveschensk, RU (BQS)
HRB-CEK(HRB) Taiping Airport(CEK) Chelyabinsk Balandino AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Chelyabinsk, RU (CEK)
HRB-AQG(HRB) Taiping Airport(AQG) Anqing Tianzhushan AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Anqing, CN (AQG)
HRB-KOW(HRB) Taiping Airport(KOW) Ganzhou AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Ganzhou, CN (KOW)
HRB-IQN(HRB) Taiping Airport(IQN) Qingyang AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Qingyang, CN (IQN)
HRB-SQD(HRB) Taiping Airport(SQD) Shangrao Sanqingshan AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Shangrao, CN (SQD)
HRB-LHW(HRB) Taiping Airport(LHW) Lanzhou Zhongchuan AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Lanzhou, CN (LHW)
HRB-CXR(HRB) Taiping Airport(CXR) Cam Ranh AirportHarbin, CN (HRB) to Nha Trang, VN (CXR)

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