Westchester County Airport (HPN)

White Plains, United States

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Latitude: 41.067
Longitude -73.7076
Elevation: 439 ft
Local Code: HPN

Last updated flights departing from HPN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
B6 913JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:30 AM(FLL) Fort Lauderdale
TJ 224Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:30 AM(ACK) Nantucket
XOJ 767XOJET(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:15 AM(BWI) Baltimore
B6 1251JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:00 AM(RSW) Fort Myers
1I 781NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
B6 1967JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:30 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
AS 4715Alaska Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
EY 3595Etihad Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3804American Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 5388American Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:30 AM(CLT) Charlotte
B6 1895JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:30 AM(MCO) Orlando
UA 3809United Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:30 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 5217American Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:15 AM(DCA) Washington
JCT 73Jet Charter(HPN) Westchester County Airport11:45 AM(KEQY) Monroe
B6 1567JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport11:30 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach

Last added routes from HPN

Route Origin Destination
HPN-KEQY(HPN) Westchester County Airport(KEQY) White Plains, US (HPN) to KEQY
HPN-UOX(HPN) Westchester County Airport(UOX) University Oxford AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Oxford, US (UOX)
HPN-PWT(HPN) Westchester County Airport(PWT) Bremerton National AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Bremerton, US (PWT)
HPN-BFD(HPN) Westchester County Airport(BFD) Bradford Regional AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Bradford, US (BFD)
HPN-PNS(HPN) Westchester County Airport(PNS) Pensacola Regional AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Pensacola, US (PNS)
HPN-GTF(HPN) Westchester County Airport(GTF) Great Falls International AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Great Falls, US (GTF)
HPN-MUC(HPN) Westchester County Airport(MUC) Munich AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Munich, DE (MUC)
HPN-AVP(HPN) Westchester County Airport(AVP) Wilkes Barre Scranton International AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, US (AVP)
HPN-WSH(HPN) Westchester County Airport(WSH) Brookhaven AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Shirley, US (WSH)
HPN-SEG(HPN) Westchester County Airport(SEG) Penn Valley AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Selinsgrove, US (SEG)

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