Westchester County Airport (HPN)

White Plains, United States

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Latitude: 41.067
Longitude -73.7076
Elevation: 439 ft
Local Code: HPN

Last updated flights departing from HPN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
EJM 200Executive Jet Management(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:30 AM(BOS) Boston
B6 1251JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:30 AM(RSW) Fort Myers
EK 6652Emirates(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:00 AM(FLL) Fort Lauderdale
B6 913JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:00 AM(FLL) Fort Lauderdale
EJM 86Executive Jet Management(HPN) Westchester County Airport8:00 AM(BDA) Bermuda
TJ 590Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:30 AM(FID) Fishers Island
B6 1967JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:30 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 948NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:30 AM(MRY) Monterey
DL 5363Delta Air Lines(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:20 AM(ATL) Atlanta
AS 4715Alaska Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
EY 3595Etihad Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
AA 3804American Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:15 AM(ORD) Chicago
TJ 416Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport7:00 AM(FID) Fishers Island
TJ 515Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:45 AM(FID) Fishers Island
LXJ 581Flexjet(HPN) Westchester County Airport6:30 AM(BOS) Boston

Last added routes from HPN

Route Origin Destination
HPN-TLC(HPN) Westchester County Airport(TLC) Licenciado Adolfo Lopez Mateos International AirpoWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Toluca, MX (TLC)
HPN-YPS(HPN) Westchester County Airport(YPS) Port Hawkesbury AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Port Hawkesbury, CA (YPS)
HPN-NUQ(HPN) Westchester County Airport(NUQ) White Plains, US (HPN) to NUQ
HPN-CIA(HPN) Westchester County Airport(CIA) Ciampino–G. B. Pastine International AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Roma, IT (CIA)
HPN-GGE(HPN) Westchester County Airport(GGE) Georgetown County AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Georgetown, US (GGE)
HPN-KVPC(HPN) Westchester County Airport(KVPC) White Plains, US (HPN) to KVPC
HPN-KGWW(HPN) Westchester County Airport(KGWW) White Plains, US (HPN) to KGWW
HPN-PIA(HPN) Westchester County Airport(PIA) General Wayne A. Downing Peoria International AirpWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Peoria, US (PIA)
HPN-MBL(HPN) Westchester County Airport(MBL) Manistee Co Blacker AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Manistee, US (MBL)
HPN-MSV(HPN) Westchester County Airport(MSV) White Plains, US (HPN) to MSV

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