Westchester County Airport (HPN)

White Plains, United States

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Latitude: 41.067
Longitude -73.7076
Elevation: 439 ft
Local Code: HPN

Last updated flights departing from HPN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 306NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport10:30 PM(ILM) Wilmington
1I 951NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport9:12 PM(FRG) Farmingdale
TJ 3002Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:55 PM(MVY) Martha's Vineyard
TJ 1004Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:55 PM(ACK) Nantucket
TJ 224Tradewind Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:43 PM(ACK) Nantucket
B6 2067JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:40 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
9K 1049Cape Air(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:13 PM(MVY) Martha's Vineyard
EJM 267Executive Jet Management(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:03 PM(BED) Bedford/Hanscom
B6 495JetBlue Airways(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:00 PM(MCO) Orlando
EJM 143Executive Jet Management(HPN) Westchester County Airport2:00 PM(TYS) Knoxville
1I 398NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport1:57 PM(HTO) East Hampton
AA 5074American Airlines(HPN) Westchester County Airport1:49 PM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 331NetJets Aviation(HPN) Westchester County Airport1:42 PM(EWB) New Bedford
9K 1085Cape Air(HPN) Westchester County Airport1:40 PM(LEB) Lebanon
XOJ 549XOJET(HPN) Westchester County Airport1:39 PM(DAL) Dallas

Last added routes from HPN

Route Origin Destination
HPN-KOZW(HPN) Westchester County Airport(KOZW) White Plains, US (HPN) to KOZW
HPN-FRY(HPN) Westchester County Airport(FRY) Eastern Slopes Regional AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Fryeburg, US (FRY)
HPN-WST(HPN) Westchester County Airport(WST) Westerly State AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Westerly, US (WST)
HPN-LOT(HPN) Westchester County Airport(LOT) Lewis University AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Chicago/Romeoville, US (LOT)
HPN-KHNZ(HPN) Westchester County Airport(KHNZ) White Plains, US (HPN) to KHNZ
HPN-YYR(HPN) Westchester County Airport(YYR) Goose Bay AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Goose Bay, CA (YYR)
HPN-GFL(HPN) Westchester County Airport(GFL) Floyd Bennett Memorial AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Glens Falls, US (GFL)
HPN-STS(HPN) Westchester County Airport(STS) Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Santa Rosa, US (STS)
HPN-HSV(HPN) Westchester County Airport(HSV) Huntsville International Carl T Jones FieldWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Huntsville, US (HSV)
HPN-YQA(HPN) Westchester County Airport(YQA) Muskoka AirportWhite Plains, US (HPN) to Muskoka, CA (YQA)

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