Frankfurt-Hahn Airport (HHN)

Frankfurt am Main, Germany

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Latitude: 49.9487
Longitude 7.26389
Elevation: 1649 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from HHN

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
5C 905C.A.L. Cargo Airlines(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport2:00 PM(LGG) Liege
FR 5214Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport1:20 PM(BRI) Bari
FR 9866Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport12:55 PM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
FR 4612Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport7:45 PM(AGP) Malaga
FR 9832Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport6:25 PM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
7L* 234Silk Way West(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport5:00 PM(GYD) Baku
W6 3544Wizz Air(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport4:45 PM(TSR) Timisoara
FR 6962Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport4:15 PM(CHQ) Chania
FR 9858Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport6:40 AM(TPS) Trapani
FR 6726Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport6:05 AM(PSR) Pescara
RU 296AirBridgeCargo(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport11:45 PM(SVO) Moscow
FR 9806Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport9:15 AM(NAP) Naples
W6 4284Wizz Air(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport9:10 AM(TZL) Tuzla
FR 4126Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport8:45 AM(GRO) Girona
FR 5214Ryanair(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport7:20 AM(BRI) Bari

Last added routes from HHN

Route Origin Destination
HHN-LGG(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(LGG) Liège AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Liège, BE (LGG)
HHN-MUC(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(MUC) Munich AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Munich, DE (MUC)
HHN-MSP(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(MSP) Minneapolis-St Paul International/Wold-ChamberlainFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Minneapolis, US (MSP)
HHN-LWO(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(LWO) Lviv International AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Lviv, UA (LWO)
HHN-DSN(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(DSN) Ordos Ejin Horo AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Ordos, CN (DSN)
HHN-SBZ(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(SBZ) Sibiu International AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Sibiu, RO (SBZ)
HHN-DUS(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(DUS) Düsseldorf AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Düsseldorf, DE (DUS)
HHN-STR(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(STR) Stuttgart AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Stuttgart, DE (STR)
HHN-BOJ(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(BOJ) Burgas AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Burgas, BG (BOJ)
HHN-HAJ(HHN) Frankfurt-Hahn Airport(HAJ) Hannover AirportFrankfurt am Main, DE (HHN) to Hannover, DE (HAJ)

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