Ha'il Airport (HAS)

Ha'il, Saudi Arabia

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Latitude: 27.4379
Longitude 41.6863
Elevation: 3331 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from HAS

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
SV 1322Saudia(HAS) Ha'il Airport11:30 PM(RUH) Riyadh
AF 6687Air France(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:35 PM(RUH) Riyadh
SV 1328Saudia(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:35 PM(RUH) Riyadh
NA* 122Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:10 PM(TUU) Tabuk
NA* 148Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:05 PM(ULH) Al Ula
NA* 112Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:00 PM(MED) Madinah
NA* 132Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport7:00 PM(RAE) Arar
SV 1331Saudia(HAS) Ha'il Airport6:00 PM(RUH) Riyadh
NA* 142Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport4:00 PM(RAH) Rafha
FZ 886flydubai(HAS) Ha'il Airport3:40 PM(DXB) Dubai
NA* 102Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport3:25 PM(AJF) Jouf
NA* 134Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport2:25 PM(RAE) Arar
NA* 138Nesma Airlines(HAS) Ha'il Airport2:00 PM(URY) Gurayat
SV 1326Saudia(HAS) Ha'il Airport1:55 PM(RUH) Riyadh
SV 1336Saudia(HAS) Ha'il Airport1:30 PM(DMM) Dammam

Last added routes from HAS

Route Origin Destination
HAS-ULH(HAS) Ha'il Airport(ULH) Majeed Bin Abdulaziz AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Al Ula, SA (ULH)
HAS-URY(HAS) Ha'il Airport(URY) Gurayat Domestic AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Gurayat, SA (URY)
HAS-RAH(HAS) Ha'il Airport(RAH) Rafha Domestic AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Rafha, SA (RAH)
HAS-RAE(HAS) Ha'il Airport(RAE) Arar Domestic AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Arar, SA (RAE)
HAS-ELQ(HAS) Ha'il Airport(ELQ) Gassim AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to ELQ
HAS-AJF(HAS) Ha'il Airport(AJF) Al-Jawf Domestic AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Al-Jawf, SA (AJF)
HAS-TUU(HAS) Ha'il Airport(TUU) Tabuk AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Tabuk, SA (TUU)
HAS-TUI(HAS) Ha'il Airport(TUI) Turaif Domestic AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Turaif, SA (TUI)
HAS-MED(HAS) Ha'il Airport(MED) Prince Mohammad Bin Abdulaziz AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Medina, SA (MED)
HAS-AQI(HAS) Ha'il Airport(AQI) Al Qaisumah/Hafr Al Batin AirportHa'il, SA (HAS) to Qaisumah, SA (AQI)

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