Hannover Airport (HAJ)

Hannover, Germany

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Latitude: 52.4611
Longitude 9.68508
Elevation: 183 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from HAJ

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TK 1556Turkish Airlines(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:45 PM(IST) Istanbul
CA 6150Air China(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
A3 1515Aegean Airlines(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
TP 7817TAP Portugal(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
NH 6032ANA(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
SA 7818South African Airways(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
LH 2099Lufthansa(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:25 PM(MUC) Munich
EW 2051Eurowings(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:05 PM(STR) Stuttgart
OS 8854Austrian(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:05 PM(VIE) Vienna
EW 5801Eurowings(HAJ) Hannover Airport5:05 PM(VIE) Vienna
LH 2097Lufthansa(HAJ) Hannover Airport4:25 PM(MUC) Munich
SWT 7016Swiftair(HAJ) Hannover Airport3:55 PM(AMS) Amsterdam
AM 6057Aeromexico(HAJ) Hannover Airport3:35 PM(CDG) Paris
MK 9173Air Mauritius(HAJ) Hannover Airport3:35 PM(CDG) Paris
UU 8639Air Austral(HAJ) Hannover Airport3:35 PM(CDG) Paris

Last added routes from HAJ

Route Origin Destination
HAJ-PRG(HAJ) Hannover Airport(PRG) Václav Havel Airport PragueHannover, DE (HAJ) to Prague, CZ (PRG)
HAJ-DRS(HAJ) Hannover Airport(DRS) Dresden AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Dresden, DE (DRS)
HAJ-RIX(HAJ) Hannover Airport(RIX) Riga International AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Riga, LV (RIX)
HAJ-GZP(HAJ) Hannover Airport(GZP) Gazipaşa AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Gazipaşa, TR (GZP)
HAJ-LYR(HAJ) Hannover Airport(LYR) Svalbard Airport, LongyearHannover, DE (HAJ) to Longyearbyen, NO (LYR)
HAJ-KSF(HAJ) Hannover Airport(KSF) Kassel-Calden AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Kassel, DE (KSF)
HAJ-DIY(HAJ) Hannover Airport(DIY) Diyarbakir AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Diyarbakir, TR (DIY)
HAJ-EZS(HAJ) Hannover Airport(EZS) Elazığ AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Elazığ, TR (EZS)
HAJ-TRS(HAJ) Hannover Airport(TRS) Trieste–Friuli Venezia Giulia AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Trieste, IT (TRS)
HAJ-WAW(HAJ) Hannover Airport(WAW) Warsaw Chopin AirportHannover, DE (HAJ) to Warsaw, PL (WAW)

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