Grenoble-Isère Airport (GNB)

Grenoble/Saint-Geoirs, France

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Latitude: 45.3629
Longitude 5.32937
Elevation: 1302 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from GNB

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
W9A 4476Wizz Air UK(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport6:15 PM(LTN) London
FR 2139Ryanair(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport2:35 PM(STN) London
U2 8942easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport11:15 AM(LGW) London
BA 2755British Airways(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport10:00 AM(LGW) London
U2 7264easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport6:00 PM(LPL) Liverpool
TCX 1529Thomas Cook Airlines(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport4:50 PM(LGW) London
U2 3182easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport1:55 PM(STN) London
LS 836Jet2(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport11:45 AM(MAN) Manchester
LS 1232Jet2(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport11:40 AM(BHX) Birmingham
U2 6104easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport11:40 AM(BRS) Bristol
U2 8942easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport10:15 AM(LGW) London
LS 842Jet2(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport10:00 AM(MAN) Manchester
BA 2755British Airways(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport10:00 AM(LGW) London
TCX 1115Thomas Cook Airlines(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport10:00 AM(LGW) London
U2 2424easyJet(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport9:20 AM(LTN) London

Last added routes from GNB

Route Origin Destination
GNB-AAL(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(AAL) Aalborg AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Aalborg, DK (AAL)
GNB-KBP(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(KBP) Boryspil International AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Kiev, UA (KBP)
GNB-LHR(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(LHR) London Heathrow AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to London, GB (LHR)
GNB-EMA(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(EMA) East Midlands AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Nottingham, GB (EMA)
GNB-GOT(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(GOT) Gothenburg-Landvetter AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Gothenburg, SE (GOT)
GNB-VNO(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(VNO) Vilnius International AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Vilnius, LT (VNO)
GNB-GDN(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(GDN) Gdańsk Lech Wałęsa AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Gdańsk, PL (GDN)
GNB-TLV(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(TLV) Ben Gurion International AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Tel Aviv, IL (TLV)
GNB-ARN(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(ARN) Stockholm-Arlanda AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Stockholm, SE (ARN)
GNB-GCI(GNB) Grenoble-Isère Airport(GCI) Guernsey AirportGrenoble/Saint-Geoirs, FR (GNB) to Saint Peter Port, GG (GCI)

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