Madeira Airport (FNC)

Funchal, Portugal

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Latitude: 32.6979
Longitude -16.7745
Elevation: 192 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from FNC

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
ZI 1180Aigle Azur(FNC) Madeira Airport10:15 PM(LIS) Lisbon
S4 8038Azores Airlines(FNC) Madeira Airport10:15 PM(LIS) Lisbon
EY 5821Etihad Airways(FNC) Madeira Airport10:15 PM(LIS) Lisbon
AD 7486Azul(FNC) Madeira Airport10:15 PM(LIS) Lisbon
TP 1688TAP Portugal(FNC) Madeira Airport10:15 PM(LIS) Lisbon
S4 8292Azores Airlines(FNC) Madeira Airport9:20 PM(OPO) Porto
EY 5862Etihad Airways(FNC) Madeira Airport9:20 PM(OPO) Porto
TP 1714TAP Portugal(FNC) Madeira Airport9:20 PM(OPO) Porto
U2 7608easyJet(FNC) Madeira Airport9:10 PM(LIS) Lisbon
U2 1958easyJet(FNC) Madeira Airport8:35 PM(MAN) Manchester
TOM 4565TUI Airways(FNC) Madeira Airport7:35 PM(LGW) London
TOM 2537Thomson(FNC) Madeira Airport7:20 PM(MAN) Manchester
BA 2781British Airways(FNC) Madeira Airport6:45 PM(LGW) London
ZI 1178Aigle Azur(FNC) Madeira Airport6:35 PM(LIS) Lisbon
S7 4644S7 Airlines(FNC) Madeira Airport6:35 PM(LIS) Lisbon

Last added routes from FNC

Route Origin Destination
FNC-FMO(FNC) Madeira Airport(FMO) Münster Osnabrück AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Münster, DE (FMO)
FNC-BLL(FNC) Madeira Airport(BLL) Billund AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Billund, DK (BLL)
FNC-IOM(FNC) Madeira Airport(IOM) Isle of Man AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Castletown, IM (IOM)
FNC-NWI(FNC) Madeira Airport(NWI) Norwich International AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Norwich, GB (NWI)
FNC-HUY(FNC) Madeira Airport(HUY) Humberside AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Grimsby, GB (HUY)
FNC-(FNC) Madeira Airport() Total Rf HeliportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Bensalem, US ()
FNC-NTE(FNC) Madeira Airport(NTE) Nantes Atlantique AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Nantes, FR (NTE)
FNC-SOF(FNC) Madeira Airport(SOF) Sofia AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Sofia, BG (SOF)
FNC-BFS(FNC) Madeira Airport(BFS) Belfast International AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Belfast, GB (BFS)
FNC-MRS(FNC) Madeira Airport(MRS) Marseille Provence AirportFunchal, PT (FNC) to Marseille, FR (MRS)

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