Page Field (FMY)

Fort Myers, United States

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Latitude: 26.5866
Longitude -81.8633
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code: FMY

Last updated flights departing from FMY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
1I 554NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field11:00 AM(MDW) Chicago
1I 619NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(SPW) Spencer
DPJ 178Delta Private Jets(FMY) Page Field12:30 PM(MDW) Chicago
LAK 361Red Wing Aeroplane Company(FMY) Page Field11:30 AM(LSE) La Crosse
HPJ 777Hop-A-Jet Worldwide Jet Charter(FMY) Page Field4:00 AM(FXE) Fort Lauderdale
XSR 697AirShare LLC(FMY) Page Field6:00 PM(MTH) Marathon
GAJ 510Gama Aviation Signature(FMY) Page Field11:30 AM(CWI) Clinton
DPJ 177Delta Private Jets(FMY) Page Field8:30 AM(GSO) Greensboro/High Point
1I 682NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field8:00 AM(APF) Naples
HPJ 60Hop-A-Jet Worldwide Jet Charter(FMY) Page Field5:09 PM(HOU) Houston
1I 533NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field7:00 PM(APF) Naples
LTD 560Executive Express Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(ARV) Minocqua
TMC 491Travel Management(FMY) Page Field10:45 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
ERY 917Sky Quest(FMY) Page Field8:00 AM(CLE) Cleveland
GAJ 825Gama Aviation Signature(FMY) Page Field10:30 AM(AVL) Asheville

Last added routes from FMY

Route Origin Destination
FMY-SPW(FMY) Page Field(SPW) Spencer Municipal AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Spencer, US (SPW)
FMY-OSU(FMY) Page Field(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott FielFort Myers, US (FMY) to Columbus, US (OSU)
FMY-LCK(FMY) Page Field(LCK) Rickenbacker International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Columbus, US (LCK)
FMY-BTV(FMY) Page Field(BTV) Burlington International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Burlington, US (BTV)
FMY-MSS(FMY) Page Field(MSS) Massena International Richards FieldFort Myers, US (FMY) to Massena, US (MSS)
FMY-MKE(FMY) Page Field(MKE) General Mitchell International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Milwaukee, US (MKE)
FMY-JVL(FMY) Page Field(JVL) Southern Wisconsin Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Janesville, US (JVL)
FMY-OFK(FMY) Page Field(OFK) Karl Stefan Memorial AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Norfolk, US (OFK)
FMY-BAF(FMY) Page Field(BAF) Westfield-Barnes Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Westfield/Springfield, US (BAF)
FMY-GON(FMY) Page Field(GON) Groton New London AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Groton (New London), US (GON)

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