Page Field (FMY)

Fort Myers, United States

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Latitude: 26.5866
Longitude -81.8633
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code: FMY

Last updated flights departing from FMY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
GAJ 901Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(FMY) Page Field11:30 AM(MQY) Smyrna
XOJ 772XOJET(FMY) Page Field9:00 AM(BED) Bedford/Hanscom
1I 378NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field6:54 AM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
GAJ 829Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(FMY) Page Field3:30 PM(VLD) Valdosta
1I 307NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:33 AM(BHM) Birmingham
1I 394NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field9:00 AM(IOW) Iowa City
ERY 917Sky Quest(FMY) Page Field9:30 AM(FXE) Fort Lauderdale
NGF 3400Angel Flight America(FMY) Page Field7:30 AM(COI) Cocoa
1I 540NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 386NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field2:09 PM(LAL) Lakeland
1I 501NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field9:00 AM(LWB) Lewisburg
ERY 133Sky Quest(FMY) Page Field10:30 AM(CLE) Cleveland
1I 550NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field7:09 AM(TLH) Tallahassee
1I 358NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field3:00 PM(CLT) Charlotte
1I 545NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field11:00 AM(KMGY) Dayton

Last added routes from FMY

Route Origin Destination
FMY-MQY(FMY) Page Field(MQY) Smyrna AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Smyrna, US (MQY)
FMY-VLD(FMY) Page Field(VLD) Valdosta Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Valdosta, US (VLD)
FMY-IOW(FMY) Page Field(IOW) Iowa City Municipal AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Iowa City, US (IOW)
FMY-MHH(FMY) Page Field(MHH) Leonard M Thompson International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Marsh Harbour, BS (MHH)
FMY-TTN(FMY) Page Field(TTN) Trenton Mercer AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Trenton, US (TTN)
FMY-YNG(FMY) Page Field(YNG) Youngstown Warren Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Youngstown/Warren, US (YNG)
FMY-HNB(FMY) Page Field(HNB) Huntingburg AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Huntingburg, US (HNB)
FMY-SYR(FMY) Page Field(SYR) Syracuse Hancock International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Syracuse, US (SYR)
FMY-CEU(FMY) Page Field(CEU) Oconee County Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Clemson, US (CEU)
FMY-MNM(FMY) Page Field(MNM) Menominee Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Menominee, US (MNM)

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