Page Field (FMY)

Fort Myers, United States

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Latitude: 26.5866
Longitude -81.8633
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code: FMY

Last updated flights departing from FMY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
GAJ 839Gama Aviation Signature Aircraft Managem(FMY) Page Field2:00 PM(RIC) Richmond
EJM 154Executive Jet Management(FMY) Page Field7:30 AM(SUX) Sioux City
EJM 697Executive Jet Management(FMY) Page Field4:00 PM(HPN) Westchester County
1I 311NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:18 AM(BZN) Belgrade
EJM 848Executive Jet Management(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(MMU) Morristown
1I 302NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field2:30 PM(MIA) Miami
XOJ 719XOJET(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(BED) Bedford/Hanscom
1I 414NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field6:30 AM(LUK) Cincinnati
1I 629NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field4:45 PM(VRB) Vero Beach
XOJ 548XOJET(FMY) Page Field10:30 AM(BWI) Baltimore
1I 602NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(GRR) Grand Rapids
1I 410NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field11:30 AM(VNC) Venice
1I 672NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field3:22 PM(MCO) Orlando
1I 644NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field1:00 PM(CRG) Jacksonville
1I 384NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field12:00 PM(PDK) Atlanta

Last added routes from FMY

Route Origin Destination
FMY-BZN(FMY) Page Field(BZN) Gallatin FieldFort Myers, US (FMY) to Bozeman, US (BZN)
FMY-BMG(FMY) Page Field(BMG) Monroe County AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Bloomington, US (BMG)
FMY-BKL(FMY) Page Field(BKL) Burke Lakefront AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Cleveland, US (BKL)
FMY-PDX(FMY) Page Field(PDX) Portland International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Portland, US (PDX)
FMY-LEB(FMY) Page Field(LEB) Lebanon Municipal AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Lebanon, US (LEB)
FMY-CNI(FMY) Page Field(CNI) Changhai AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Changhai, CN (CNI)
FMY-4R4(FMY) Page Field(4R4) Fort Myers, US (FMY) to 4R4
FMY-SOP(FMY) Page Field(SOP) Moore County AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Pinehurst/Southern Pines, US (SOP)
FMY-STS(FMY) Page Field(STS) Charles M. Schulz Sonoma County AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Santa Rosa, US (STS)
FMY-STC(FMY) Page Field(STC) St Cloud Regional AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to St Cloud, US (STC)

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