Page Field (FMY)

Fort Myers, United States

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Latitude: 26.5866
Longitude -81.8633
Elevation: 17 ft
Local Code: FMY

Last updated flights departing from FMY

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
TMC 460Travel Management(FMY) Page Field2:30 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 545NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field1:03 PM(PDK) Atlanta
1I 574NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(HHH) Hilton Head
GAJ 843Gama Aviation Signature(FMY) Page Field10:15 AM(PIE) Saint Petersburg
GAJ 855Gama Aviation Signature(FMY) Page Field1:17 PM(CRG) Jacksonville
GAJ 865Gama Aviation Signature(FMY) Page Field9:40 AM(CEU) Clemson
1I 783NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field2:45 PM(UST) Saint Augustine
1I 560NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field6:00 PM(KMGY) Dayton
XOJ 792XOJET(FMY) Page Field10:57 AM(CLT) Charlotte
CON 448ConocoPhillips(FMY) Page Field10:00 AM(LAL) Lakeland
1I 783NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field10:00 PM(PBI) West Palm Beach
1I 761NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field11:00 AM(T82) Fredericksburg
1I 725NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field5:24 PM(ICT) Wichita
JTL 5Jet Linx Aviation(FMY) Page Field1:45 PM(IND) Indianapolis
1I 408NetJets Aviation(FMY) Page Field8:00 AM(EYW) Key West

Last added routes from FMY

Route Origin Destination
FMY-MKC(FMY) Page Field(MKC) Charles B. Wheeler Downtown AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Kansas City, US (MKC)
FMY-FDY(FMY) Page Field(FDY) Findlay AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Findlay, US (FDY)
FMY-CSG(FMY) Page Field(CSG) Columbus Metropolitan AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Columbus, US (CSG)
FMY-LMS(FMY) Page Field(LMS) Louisville Winston County AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Louisville, US (LMS)
FMY-SGF(FMY) Page Field(SGF) Springfield Branson National AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Springfield, US (SGF)
FMY-UES(FMY) Page Field(UES) Waukesha County AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Waukesha, US (UES)
FMY-SPW(FMY) Page Field(SPW) Spencer Municipal AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Spencer, US (SPW)
FMY-OSU(FMY) Page Field(OSU) The Ohio State University Airport - Don Scott FielFort Myers, US (FMY) to Columbus, US (OSU)
FMY-LCK(FMY) Page Field(LCK) Rickenbacker International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Columbus, US (LCK)
FMY-BTV(FMY) Page Field(BTV) Burlington International AirportFort Myers, US (FMY) to Burlington, US (BTV)

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