Münster Osnabrück Airport (FMO)

Münster, Germany

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Latitude: 52.1346
Longitude 7.68483
Elevation: 160 ft
Local Code:

Last updated flights departing from FMO

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
OHY 4838Onur Air(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport9:20 PM(PAD) Paderborn
OHY 4837Onur Air(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport9:20 PM(PAD) Paderborn
LH 2139Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport8:35 PM(MUC) Munich
LH 69Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport6:20 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
LDM 112Laudamotion(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport6:00 PM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
LH 2143Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport5:50 PM(MUC) Munich
IS* 505AIS Airlines(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport5:30 PM(STR) Stuttgart
ST 4202Germania(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport3:05 PM(AYT) Antalya
LH 67Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport2:40 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
ST 4204Germania(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport1:20 PM(FUE) Puerto del Rosario
LH 2137Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport1:05 PM(MUC) Munich
SDR 2414SundAir(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport11:15 AM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
LH 2135Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport9:25 AM(MUC) Munich
ST 4212Germania(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport9:20 AM(PMI) Palma Mallorca
LH 65Lufthansa(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport8:55 AM(FRA) Frankfurt

Last added routes from FMO

Route Origin Destination
FMO-PAD(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(PAD) Paderborn Lippstadt AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Paderborn, DE (PAD)
FMO-HAJ(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(HAJ) Hannover AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Hannover, DE (HAJ)
FMO-SKG(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(SKG) Thessaloniki Macedonia International AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Thessaloniki, GR (SKG)
FMO-LJU(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(LJU) Ljubljana Jože Pučnik AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Ljubljana, SI (LJU)
FMO-DBV(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(DBV) Dubrovnik AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Dubrovnik, HR (DBV)
FMO-MAD(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(MAD) Adolfo Suárez Madrid–Barajas AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Madrid, ES (MAD)
FMO-FKB(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(FKB) Karlsruhe Baden-Baden AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Baden-Baden, DE (FKB)
FMO-HRG(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(HRG) Hurghada International AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Hurghada, EG (HRG)
FMO-CDG(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(CDG) Charles de Gaulle International AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Paris, FR (CDG)
FMO-ESB(FMO) Münster Osnabrück Airport(ESB) Esenboğa International AirportMünster, DE (FMO) to Ankara, TR (ESB)

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