Peretola Airport (FLR)

Firenze, Italy

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Latitude: 43.81
Longitude 11.2051
Elevation: 142 ft
Local Code: FI04

Last updated flights departing from FLR

Flight No. Airline Origin Departure Destination
KL 2135KLM(FLR) Peretola Airport8:25 PM(CDG) Paris
G3 5181Gol(FLR) Peretola Airport8:25 PM(CDG) Paris
AF 1767Air France(FLR) Peretola Airport8:25 PM(CDG) Paris
QR 3573Qatar Airways(FLR) Peretola Airport7:45 PM(BCN) Barcelona
IB 5172Iberia(FLR) Peretola Airport7:45 PM(BCN) Barcelona
VY 6002Vueling(FLR) Peretola Airport7:45 PM(BCN) Barcelona
SU 4348Aeroflot(FLR) Peretola Airport7:25 PM(FCO) Rome
JU 7171Air Serbia(FLR) Peretola Airport7:25 PM(FCO) Rome
EY 2814Etihad Airways(FLR) Peretola Airport7:25 PM(FCO) Rome
9W 5919Jet Airways (India)(FLR) Peretola Airport7:25 PM(FCO) Rome
AZ 1684Alitalia(FLR) Peretola Airport7:25 PM(FCO) Rome
LX 1681SWISS(FLR) Peretola Airport7:05 PM(ZRH) Zurich
LH 317Lufthansa(FLR) Peretola Airport6:55 PM(FRA) Frankfurt
IB 5194Iberia(FLR) Peretola Airport6:35 PM(LGW) London
BA 2058British Airways(FLR) Peretola Airport6:35 PM(LGW) London

Last added routes from FLR

Route Origin Destination
FLR-ANR(FLR) Peretola Airport(ANR) Antwerp International Airport (Deurne)Firenze, IT (FLR) to Antwerp, BE (ANR)
FLR-GRZ(FLR) Peretola Airport(GRZ) Graz AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Graz, AT (GRZ)
FLR-IAS(FLR) Peretola Airport(IAS) Iaşi AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Iaşi, RO (IAS)
FLR-SPU(FLR) Peretola Airport(SPU) Split AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Split, HR (SPU)
FLR-BRS(FLR) Peretola Airport(BRS) Bristol AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Bristol, GB (BRS)
FLR-BHX(FLR) Peretola Airport(BHX) Birmingham International AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Birmingham, GB (BHX)
FLR-STN(FLR) Peretola Airport(STN) London Stansted AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to London, GB (STN)
FLR-NCE(FLR) Peretola Airport(NCE) Nice-Côte d'Azur AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Nice, FR (NCE)
FLR-LTN(FLR) Peretola Airport(LTN) London Luton AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to London, GB (LTN)
FLR-PMI(FLR) Peretola Airport(PMI) Palma De Mallorca AirportFirenze, IT (FLR) to Palma De Mallorca, ES (PMI)

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